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Helen Feeding the Ducks by the Mike Fink Resturant, oil on canvas, 3' x 4', October 2007

Tom started this work as his Tall Stacks Painting. Every three or four years Cincinnati, Ohio hosts 15 riverboats for four days of boating and music. Tom decided to paint his daughter with the main symbols of Tall Stacks, a paddle wheel and the pier of the Suspension Bridge. Tom grew up on the Ohio River and work on this paddle wheel while in high school. He later worked for Captain Beatty on various salvage jobs on the Ohio. His family had a house boat docked behind the restaurant and he spent many a night studying and fishing off the bow. The singing of the cars driving across the Suspension Bridge played ever in the backgroound. Tom changed the water's edge to the pavers used across the river at the Cincinnati public landing. The background is just as it is in 2004. You cna just barely see Paul Brown Stadium just to the left of the stern wheel. The Mike Fink was moved to dry dock in March of 2008 and if all goes well will return soon.

Painted for Cincinnatiís Tall Stacks Celebration 2007, every four years the Cincinnati River front transformed into a nostalgic by gone era with old time riverboats lining the riverbank. Long weekend festivities, river cruises, fireworks and education about river lore take place along both sides of the Ohio River. In the past, Tom painted nostalgic views of the river on location amongst the crowds but this year he set up his easel in front of the Mike Finkís Restaurant, the place of his first job. He combined the best of both sides of the river to show a modern view but still indicative of little change of the view since 1864 when the Robeling Suspension bridge opened at the end of the Civil War.

Tom Lohre painting on the Ohio River waterfront a portrat of Helen.



Photo montage for the work

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