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Tom likes to take as much time as he can when creating art.

With a portrait Tom likes to visit with the subject once a week, staying about one hour. During that time he will make sketches, take photos and have the subject sit for a few minutes. Children love the process and look forward to his visits.  It is a sad day when he no longer visits. A drawing is done in pencil on the canvas using the composition ideas of the client, once approved the painting begins. Painting is wet on wet, each section is completed while the paint is wet. When the paint starts to congeal painting that section stops. When Tom starts a face he brings the canvas to the sitter for a live sitting. After working in the studio almost completing the face he will return for another live sitting. Tom borrows the sitter’s clothes and dresses up a wire mannequin for the clothes and works from life. The background is painted completing the portrait

Watercolors, pastels and charcoal commissioned are similar.

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The River

20” x 16”, Oil on canvas

The client wanted a night scene of the Suspension Bridge to go with the daytime scene Tom had painted for her. Tom used  Cincinnati’s Tall Stacks Celebration that brings 15 river boats into town to populate the scene and placed himself by the fire. 

Keith Richards

12 “x 16”,

Pastel on paper

Created from a magazine photo as an example of Tom’s ability to get a likeness.


Captain Ahab

5”x 7”

Watercolor on paper

Created  from a photo of the client and a issue of Mad magazine that parodied “Moby Dick.” The client is an avid collector of Mad Magazine.


Jean Niehaus

8” x 10” ,

Pastel on paper

Commissioned as a gift to her children.


12” x 16”, oil on canvas

Painted from a photo that Tom took of the dog.



16”x 12”

Oil on canvas

Created  from a photo the client took while in Ireland.


Illuminated Manuscript

8” x 10”

Watercolor on paper, a gift to a minister .


Princess Stephanie

Oil on canvas

This is a detail of a 48” x 36” canvas. The Royal Family of Monaco was painted along with the clients friends in a painting showing him breaking the bank in

Monte Carlo.


Roebling Suspension Bridge

36” x 24” , Oil on canvas. Commissioned as a view of the Suspension Bridge. Tom was allowed to compose the work as he saw fit. He painted from life over several days right along the water’s edge.

Jude Austin

10” x 8, pastel on paper

One of three pastels commissioned as their children were born.

Queensboro Bridge

20” x 16”, oil on canvas

Commissioned a memory of her riding across the bridge everyday to work at the UN. Tom was given the idea of what she wanted  and he drew several sketches as suggestions. Later he would paint from life in a small park nears the waters edge. The people were from snaps  he shot while sketching.

Savanna Home

16” x 12”

Watercolor on paper

Painted from a snap shot supplied by the


Captain Kirk

30” x 40”, oil on canvas

Painted as an example of how Tom could get a likeness. The  painting was eventually bought by a client who had  his portrait put over Kirks.






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Tom Lohre is a well known collected artist. Recommended by Angies' List.

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