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Drew's Portrait

24" x 30", oil on canvas

Started in the fall of 2006. Tom finished the face just after Christmas before his patron went south. Tom made about 20 visits to play and have Drew sit for him. The sitting ended up being several brief poses with digital photography. Tom learned to engage the six-year-old in seeing the snaps right away thereby making him understand what Tom was doing. But for the most part Tom played with Drew. He lives right on a large bank that drops down one hundred feet. They went down there several times. Each home owner has there own way of enjoying the steep river bank, one with tiki touches and another with iron stairways. The local university rowing teams go up and down the peaceful Licking River as it empties into the Ohio River a quarter mile away. They learned that you could not yell at the rowers no matter how loud you hollered. They never looked up.

The face is the first thing to be painted in a portrait. This allows the face to be examined at length while the rest of the work is competed for any changes needed.

Here you can see the faint outlines of the cartoon on the canvas. Just before painting the pencil is removed until only the faintest lines are left.



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