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Holidays on Ludlow

Ludlow Avenue

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You have tapped into the virtual street site of one of the finest neighborhoods in Cincinnati and the world. Created from the urban sprawl of the late 1800’s it has retained most of its charm. The Ludlow Village area is one of many shop filled Villages in Cincinnati. Ludlow Village is composed of about thirty shops and restaurants plus a grocery store. Ludlow Village is the most charming street in Cincinnati.


Clifton Dad's Zoom every Wednesday during the Pandemic. Call or e-mail Tom get get on the list. Click To Contact

Tom tried to get Clifton Zooming every week at 5 p.m. on Friday but it proved a tough cookie.

But here is the link though not activated every Friday.

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Meeting ID: 766 9136 6532
Password: 6V7ZFy

Clifton neighborhood looks to change traffic laws to enhance pedestrian safety

Clifton neighborhood looks to change traffic laws to enhance pedestrian safety

Posted: 5:43 PM, Jun 26, 2019
Updated: 8:42 PM, Jun 26, 2019

By: Mariel Carbone, WCPO Channel 9 reporter

CINCINNATI — Residents and business owners in Clifton are no strangers to the risks associated with stepping foot in a crosswalk in this neighborhood.

In the last three years, there have been 32 accidents involving pedestrians in Clifton, and many who live there point to speeding as one main reason.

"I actually have seen somebody get struck by a car, yes," said Mike Anagnostu, owner of Ludlow Wines, in the Gaslight District. "It's kind of terrifying, actually. We've had people that have just narrowly missed being hit by a car too."

He said cars speed through the Ludlow business district - a narrow, two-way road with plenty of people out walking in nice weather. During rush hour, vehicles aren't permitted to park along the road, adding additional lanes for drivers to speed through. The same is true for Calhoun Street, near the University of Cincinnati.

Aid might be coming for the Gaslight District, though.

With the City of Cincinnati's approval, the neighborhood plans to test out a few new ways to slow down drivers.

"The Clifton business district at rush hour can be a very unsafe place," said David Mann, a Cincinnati council member.

Mann is hoping to adopt temporary changes that would eliminate the parking restrictions along Ludlow Ave during rush hours. The current test plan would mean cars could park in the right lane, reducing traffic flow to one lane and forcing drivers to slow down. The addition of bump-outs, an extension of curbs or other barriers to protect cross-walks, is also being explored, according to Mann.

Business owners like Anagnostu feel that changes like this are crucial to keeping people safe, and keeping the business district attractive to locals and visitors.

"In a district where we tout the walkability of the business district, and we talk about how it's part of our lifestyle here, it's really important for us to maintain that," he said.

So far, there is no timeframe for when these temporary changes will go into effect. Mann said residents and business owners in the neighborhood want to do it quickly, however. He said they're pushing for a summer test roll out.



The City, Suburbs, and the Establishment of the Clifton Town Meeting, 1961-1964 Pages 33 to 58 of the spring 2014 Clifton Chronicle
by Martha S. Reynolds, a chemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati, presented this paper at the Society's 1979 History Symposium. She received the prize for the best undergraduate paper as well as the prize for best paper delivered at the Symposium

4rd Annual Clifton Golf Outing Poster, send Tom a request by putting your email into the "Other" line in the Google Form above and he will send you an high resolution image suitable for printing and framing.

Ludlow Village par three from the Esquire Theater by Tom Lohre.

3rd Annual Clifton Golf Outing Poster, send Tom a request by putting your email into the "Other" line in the Google Form above and he will send you an high resolution image suitable for printing and framing.

Montage of 2014 Clifton  Golf Outing by Tom Lohre.

Montage of Clifton Second Annual Golf Outing, send Tom a request by putting your email into the "Other" line in the Google Form above and he will send you an high resolution image

Clifton Town Meeting is hosts a golf outing in August at Avon Fields Golf Course. The monies raised help various charities. First AV equipment for new rec center, second Clifton Cultural Arts Center Great Room refurbishment, third cancer research at Tri Health

“Friend of Clifton” award, first the golf pro at Avon, second David Mann, third Tom Lohre

An 18 hole scramble golf tournament, dinner cookout on the Avon Fields deck overlooking the course, and great prizes.

Shotgun start at 2pm. $80 per player. For more information about the event or sponsorship opportunities e-mail

You can see all the images at:

Vegman, comic book by James Patrick White on sale at Lentz & Company

James Patrick White is one of the Chronicle artists. He started when EP Harris was running the ship and produced a plethora of line art still used today. He painted the murals in Arlin’s and you may remember the 4’ x 8’ murals that surrounded the merchant parking lot in 2001.

He has resurfaced with a comic book that can be bought at Lentz & Company, called “Vegman.” He also has duct tape oversize handguns you can hang on the wall.

I am a rabid fan of James Patrick White, so much so I think he feels threatened meeting his most fervent admirer. I still have not met him nor seen him and look forward to doing penitence in hopes I will get an audience.

Watercolor portraits of the staff painted on  gessoed  Pelligrino labels by Tom Lohre.

Christmas 2006 Clifton Chronicle Staff

Watercolor portraits painted on Pelligrino gessoed labels.

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Mailed to 4,800 Clifton residents and read cover to cover the Chronicle is your source for communicating with Clifton.
Five hundred distributed through Clifton Library.

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Clifton Market, grass roots all volunteer organization looking to put a grocery store back in the IGA space

CliftonFest 2014
CliftonFest Facebook
Anyone can make and see on-line comments about CliftonFest at

Shop Ludlow web site:

Clifton Gaslight Business District Facebook

Clifton Town Meeting Web Site
Contact them at
Nextdoor Clifton is a private website created by you and your neighbors, and supported by our company, Nextdoor, Inc. Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood. It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors—and only you and your neighbors—to talk online.

Ludlow 21 was Clifton 20/20’s mission is to develop and implement a vision for a vibrant business district, which complements the unique character of Clifton.

Volunteer t-shirt for CliftonFest 2012 art by Tom Lohre

CliftonFest 2012 t-shirt

University of Cincinnati regional map by Campus Maps, Durham, Norht Carolina 1987.

Merchant Map by Campus Maps, Durham North Carolina 1987 hanging at Proud Rooster, send Tom a request by putting your email into the "Other" line in the Google Form above and he will send you an high resolution image of this map without the seams suitable for printing and framing.

Cincinnati, tinted sepia watercolor,, 10" x 8"

The above drawing is done with a litho crayon and is a finished work. This is a Birdseye view, just to the left is the Firehouse, on the right is Famous Skyline Chili. Across the intersection is Adrian Durban’s Clifton Florist. Just down the hill is their main greenhouse.  The view is of Ludlow Avenue looking West from the intersection of Clifton Avenue. The artwork is 16” x 12”.


Ludlow Village 45220, always on the back page of the online Clifton Chronicle you can see the latest updated Merchant Map with all the shops and telphone numbers plus the vacant spaces

Dear Artists,
Clifton’s community newsletter would like to expand its coverage of arts by inviting the artists who have shown at the CCAC to send an image of the work shown, a head shot and 200 words or less. In every quarterly issue, we will feature all submissions in the on-line version of the Clifton Chronicle. The Chronicle has gone to eight pages printed and an extended on-line version. You may view the current Clifton
Artist Speak By Sarah Lucia Jones page 20

The next deadline is November 1 for the winter issue but if you miss it just send it in when you can. It will appear in the next issue. Send your submissions to or call 513-236-1704 for answers about this project.

The idea for this project came from art books that feature what the artist says.
This is a rewrite from The Art of Painting, From The Baroque Through Postimpressionism foreword.

We want words that exposes the essence of your art, its forms, its interior evolution, and to a certain degree its techniques. Speak for yourself. What you say about art is one thing; the paintings speak for themselves and yet should we disdain theories?
There has been a tendency to attribute artistic creation to a mystery definable only as genius, inspiration, or pure psychic automatism. Mystery there is, indeed, but not everything in an artist's expression is mysterious, no matter how much a genius he is. There are his ideas about his art, his beliefs, his biases, his personal myths and those of his time, his speculations, and his craft.
A painter is a man who has decided to express himself in plastic form. He is often only a man who paints and he may write little, or badly, or he may not even consider writing or he may write without speaking of painting. Their intention was to formulate not a theory of genius but, more modest and yet more difficult, the theory of forms and colors that dominated the spirit of their times.

Tom Lohre, editor
Books that feature what the artist says:
The Art of Painting, From The Baroque Through Postimpressionism edited by Pierre Seghers in collaboration with Jacques Charpier from Hawthorn, Inc, 750 qC484 v.03, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 64-19203
The Art of Painting, From Prehistory Through The Renaissance edited by Pierre Seghers in collaboration with Jacques Charpier from Hawthorn, Inc, 750 qC484 v.01, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 64-13282
The Art of painting in the Twentieth Century edited by Pierre Seghers in collaboration with Jacques Charpier from Hawthorn
Painters on Painting Selected and Edited with an Introduction by Eric Protter by General Publishing Company, Ltd. 750.1 P148 1997, ISBN 0-486-29941-4 (pbk.),

a Clifton Neighborhood Village 

Clifton Town Meeting, local community organization

Clifton Groups

Mothers Study Group since 1923, 513-871-6276 meets every month with a speaker.

Clifton Fathers meet every second Wednesday after the Mother's Group unless the first is on Wednesday then we meet after the Mother's Group unless it is July or August since the Mother's Group do not meet in those months we meet on the second Tuesday at Arlins.
Arlin’s Bar & Restaurant
307 Ludlow Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Phone (513) 751-6566


Gaslight Properties, 513-861-6000,

Shops Around the Crossroads of Clifton and Ludlow Avenues  

3337 Clifton Ave Gulf Gas Station 513-221-0587 was T&R Marathon
3317 Clifton Ave Brueggers Bagels 513-221-2243
3307 Clifton Ave Widmer’s Dry Cleaners 513-221-4091

Hair salon was Scrubs was Water Store
3307 Clifton Ave University Nails 513-751-4111
3325 Clifton Ave United Dairy Farmers 513-751-5132
265 Hosea Ave Dewey's Pizza 513-221-0400
252 Ludlow Ave Kraemer Design 513-872-9700
264 Ludlow Ave David Gebhard Attorney 513-221-1900
268 Ludlow Ave Gratitude in Motion Yoga 513-300-9642
270 Ludlow Ave Ludlow Trading, It Girl closed 2009, Pathways Unique Art & Jewelry Retail Jewelry Art Gifts 513-861-7999 closed 2008
274 Ludlow Ave Jagdeep's Indian Grocery 513-961-2699 was Acme Body Art was Pages & Print Framing

278 Ludlow Ave Subway 513-861-9609
280 Ludlow Ave Paolo's Modern Jeweler 513-751-2171, gifts, furniture, lighting and accessories, Paul Joseph Salamone owner, 513-751-2171,, was Brutopia Coffee closed 2009

286 Ludlow Ave Gumbo's was Servatii Pastry Shop closed 2010 was Virginia Bakery

290 Ludlow Ave Skyline Chili 513-221-2142

Clifton Fountain

Part of a small plaza on the South East corner of Clifton and Ludlow in Burnet Woods. Artist Matt Kotlkarczyk created the fountain sculpture, selected from a juried process.  

300 Ludlow Ave Firehouse

Clifton Firehouse, Fountain and Esquire Theater in heavy impressionism by Tom Lohre.

Clifton Firehouse, Fountain and Esquire; 16" X 12", July 15, 2015, Oil pastel on metal

Clifton Gaslight III, 12" x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 8, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Clifton Gaslight III, 20” x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 8, 2014
The scene is from “Holidays on Ludlow” with the horse drawn carriage lmaking the turn from Clifton to Ludlow. Inspired by Edouard Cortez, Eugene Galien-Laloue, Luigi Loir and Jean Beraud. The rough work is the new rough. The color wax sticks melted onto a hot metal is alive even after it cools. In the past Tom relied on the time of day painting in the street to dictate the light and color of the painting but now he needs to give the painting everything it needs. In the past he shied away from dawn or dusk paintings thinking it was kitsch, low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons. This new medium wants him paint all the light effects.

302 Ludlow Ave Adrian Durban Florist 513-871-7333
307 Ludlow Ave Arlin's Bar & Restaurant 513-751-6566

308 Ludlow Ave Biagio's Restaurant & Bar 513-861-4777 History: expanded into Petersen's Restaurant, was Gourmet To Go, was Pete's News Stand

310 Ludlow Ave Kilimanjaro Gifts 513-221-0700
311 Ludlow Ave Semesters Gifts 513-221-2031 Open 10:30-5 Closed Sun

311 Ludlow Ave Vapors,, Vapors 446-7417 was Mustard Seed Consignment Shop 513-221-4022

312 Ludlow Ave Personalities by Leona Beauty Salon 513-751-5100, was The Catwalk Salon

314 Ludlow Ave for rent 237-4219, was Funky Illusions, was Mediterranean Foods Essan Rovin Mir 513-961-6060

MAC Cash Machine

Main floor plan for Clifton Market with kitchen on main floor.

Basement plan for Clifton Market.

Floor Plan as of June 28, 2015

Illustration of a grocery store  with  several floors of apartments above it.

Grocery Arms, 28" x 22" latex on cardboard, December 10. 2012; Architectural sketch of a supermarket with several floors of pre-war designed apartments.

Tom had a dream the IGA on Ludlow was open, amazed as he walked through the door into the sunlit space. Smells of food permeated the air as he wandered around placing fresh fruits and vegetables into my cart. It was an old time grocery store; the floor was wood with onion skins lightly laying on it. The colors were a fall afternoon. He saw no one but felt if he needed help it would be right there. More like someone up front yelling to the back of the store to bring up another basket. The ceiling was embossed metal. It was a pleasure to shop here for all his food needs.

He had a dream Clifton Market watched their expiration dates like a hawk. All expired vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, can goods and dry foodstuffs went straight to the “Expired Food Area” in the back. Struggling Cliftonites went straight to the “Expired Food Area” to take advantage of the heavily discounted prices. The “Expired Food Area” was one of the biggest draws for the struggling.

In another dream Tom found himself in the back of the store, like it is now fully restored, and heard someone in a high squeaky female voice, berating a customer over the stores loud speaker system. Feeling that this was beyond the pale for a grocer, Tom went up to see who was accosting a customer and it was the manager a seven foot tall Viking like character, red hair, blue eyes and chiseled features who spoke with a woman’s voice.

315 Ludlow Ave Clifton Market 513-861-3000,, was Goessling Market Clifton was Keller's IGA closed 2011 513-281-0067

316 Ludlow Ave Los Porillos, Mexican Restaurant Bar & Grill, 513- 221-0313 was Thai Café Restaurant & Bar


320 Ludlow Ave Esquire Theatre 513-281-8750,, 513-281-8750, six features, last show start around 9:30, two for one coupons in the bearcat coupon magazine, before 6 $4, Box Office opens at 12:40, Evenings $6.50, Tues Bargain $3.50, Senior Citizen with Golden Buckeye $6

Esquire Theatre II 8" x 10", oil on canvas, September 14th, 2005

Sitwell Woman checking her cell phone holding an ice cream cone on Ludlow Avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Sitwell Girl II, 8" x 10", Oil on canvas

Esquire Theater and Clifton Market, 16" x 12", September 9, 2015, Oil pastel on metal

Impressionist painting in faux gold leaf frame of Holidays on Ludlow, Clifton Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Holidays on Ludlow IV, 36" x 24", October 13, 2015, Oil pastel on metal

Holidays on Ludlow III, Oil pastel on metal, 24" x 18", Finished September 17, 2015

Oil pastels melted on metal of Cincinnati's Ludlow Village Esquire Movie Theater by Tom Lohre.

Esquire V, Oil pastel on metal, 24" x 18", December 16, 2014

Ludlow Avenue in Clifton is neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. The neighborhood includes all the features of a charming landscape. “Holidays on Ludlow” is an evening of carriage rides, music, caroling and special events by the merchants. The carriage rides start in front of Graeter’s Ice Cream the view for this painting. The previous painting with this view was done from life. The evening streets wet from drizzle. A delicate balance of color is struck to display night. The dark opaque oil pastel left something to be desired. This derived version in nine colors lightens the scene by keeping all the colors light. The blob abstraction allows the knowledgeable viewer to pick out the features of the street avoiding the ponderous dark nature of the previous painting, Esquire IV.

Esquire Theater IV, Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio, 24" x 18", Oil pastel melted on metal, December 16, 2014

Esquire Theater III, Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati Ohio, 24" x 18", Oil pastel melted on metal, December 4, 2014

Esquire Theater, Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio

20" x 16", Oil on plywood, November 2nd, 2003, Painted from life. A palette knife was used to apply the oil paint.

321 Ludlow Ave China Kitchen Restaurant 513-221-5333, remodeled in 2014

324 Ludlow Ave Sitwell's Coffee House, Restaurant & Bar, 513-281-7487


Natalie Loves Sitwell's

Open daily 8 AM to 2 AM

The history of Sitwell’s starts with a performance by Edith Sitwell's and Dylan Thomas in 1957, The proprietor was amused by a book of poetry of Edith’s in her mother’s collection. Her mother told her the story of meeting Edith with Dylan Thomas in 1957.  

Cailleach Press, P.O. Box 23263, Cincinnati OH 45223, has published Fiction and Poetry from the writers of Sitwell’s. Sitwell’s was originally down the street at 404. They moved because of insurance problems.

Ludlow and Telford Avenues, Clifton, Cincinnnati; 16" x 12", Oil on aluminum, painting by Tom Lohre.

Ludlow Village II, Clifton Gaslight, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 1, 2013, 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, this is the second of six works painted on location on Clifton Plaza on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton a neighborhood of Cincinnati in the summer. Tom lives nearby. This was his second series of works painted on Ludlow. He used an unconventional painting manner melting fancy crayons on hot metal.
To the right through the trees is the Esquire Theater. The building featured houses Pangaea, a women’s clothing store and Sitwell’s Coffee Shop. To the left is Telford Street. Tom is thinking of opening a window box gallery between the Esquire and Sitwell’s. There is a closet in Sitwell’s where the back wall is the street front. Tom would put a picture window in the wall.

Ludlow and Telford Avenues II, Clifton, Cincinnnati; 16" x 12", Oil on aluminum, painting by Tom Lohre

Ludlow and Telford Avenues I, Clifton, Cincinnati; 16" x 12", Oil on aluminum, July 1, 2013

Clifton Gaslight Balcony  impressionist painting using a pancake griddle by Tom  Lohre.

Clifton Gaslight Balcony II , Cincinnati; 24" x 20", Oil on 25 gauge galvanized metal

Who are the two women on the balcony above The Om Café? Tom saw them there during CliftonFest 2013. He later slowly assembled the composition. Using his new manner of melting fancy crayons on hot metal he wanted to use a larger canvas eventually going up to 3’ x 4’. Using 19 gauge flashing metal the weight of the sheet will be considerable. For this painting he arranged magnets on his easel to hold the metal as he moved it around a centrally located hot plated adapted to heat only an eight inch circular patch at good working height. The manner lends itself to create perfect works since if changes have to be made the wax is heated up and removed with a cue tip then new color is laid down. Slowly he is increasing his color palette to 325 specially mixed colors. In time he sees an electric drives that move the work around to the place he is working. The manner was initially adapted to paint in hotel rooms without the smell. The next step is to use atmosphere to drive the scene. Tom had been painting scenes with daylight but now sees the advantage to using various dramatic atmospheres to drive the emotion. Auctioned at the 2014 Clifton Community Fund Dinner, Saturday, September 20, 2014

Telford Avenue Clifton Gaslight impressionist painting by Tom Lohre.

Telford Avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati; 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, July 20, 2013

Clifton Gaslight Cincinnati Ohio impressionist painting  using a pancake  griddle by Tom Lohre.

Clifton Gaslight II, Cincinnati; 16" x 20", Oil pastel on aluminum, July 25, 2013

Clifton Gaslight painting  by Tom Liohre.

Clifton Gaslight, Cincinnati, Ohio, July 10, 2013, 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, painted from life

Cartoon about possible development of Clifton Merchant Parking lot by Tom Lohre.

Tom created this as a cartoon where every apartment in the five story development that looked like the Roanoke has a balcony.
The entrance to the included CCAC is off the Plaza, a five story revival of the Temple of Love.
The turn off on Howell for the apartments is also a copy of the Temple of Love that could be used for weddings.
He made the development as large as possible so everyone could have an apartment.
It was removed from the online edition of the Clifton Chronicle because Dave Taylor, developer, thought it misrepresented the facts.
He thought there might be a possibility of a shared public space that the CCAC could use.
This was meant to be a joke but Tom removed it fromt he online edition because it might affect real negotiations adversely.

Do not share or forward to anyone without Tom's permission. For your eyes only.

325 Ludlow Ave Maya was Arrietty was Toko Kidz Toys 513-751-1500

325 Ludlow Ave Toku Baru Gifts 513-751-3338

325.5 Ludlow Ave Barbara McManus Attorney 513-221-3258

325.5 Ludlow Ave was Barbra Druffel Comey & Shepherd Real Estate 513-281-7653

Tom Lohre painting of Ludlow and Telford Avenues III, Clifton, Cincinnati; 16" x 12", Oil on aluminum, July 15, 2013, available.

Ludlow and Telford Avenues III, Clifton, Cincinnati; 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, July 15, 2013

326 Ludlow Ave Pangaea Fashions 513-751-3330, Artwear Jewelry Uniquities M-F 10-9 Sat 11-8 Sun 12-5  Carin Kindell manager

329 Ludlow Ave Lydia's on Ludlow, 513-381-3436, was Om Cafe was Spiral Light Gifts was Michaels

329.5 Ludlow Ave Head First Salon 513-861-8477

Telford Street

3408 Telford St Harvest 513-281-3663 was La Poste was Tinks Restaurant was More Than Boxes moved to behind the Bicycle shop on Clifton Avenue just South of the Bagel shop in the back, neither in business now

Impressionist oil painting of Telford Avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Telford II, 16" x 12", oil on canvas, winter 2006

Impressionist painting of Telford Avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Telford Avenue II, 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, January 19, 2014

Plaza, was Bender Optical closed still have store in Hyde Park, turned into Plaza

Michael McIntire and the Marmalade Brigade

Old Bulletin Board  

5” x 7”, Watercolor of paper

Old Ludlow Avenue Bulletin Board

8" x 10", oil on canvas, September 21, 2005 

This is the first watercolor in this series to be completed. Tom decided to use the annual Clifton Senior Center Fundraising Progressive Dinner as a motivational force to complete the illustrations of Ludlow Avenue for these pages. A progressive dinner is where you all meet at a cocktail home and then branch out to other homes to have dinner and then meet back again at the church for the auction of art, antiques, gift certificates from the shops of the neighborhood and other special packages for the fund-raiser.

Tom started the drawing from life on the street during the winter and then completed it in the studio using a four color wash with pens and brushes. Tom spent about four years perfecting this manner of watercolor working mostly from Thomas Rowlandson work. Rowlandson, a Englishman, painted during the time of Charles Dickens in London. Rowlandson would add various color washes of cobalt blue and alizarin crimson as accent. The technique revolves around using three different tints for wash and then three different weights for line. the lines are made from thin brushes to quills.

332 Ludlow Ave Graeter's Ice Cream 513-281-4749,, 7-10:45 Sun 9-10:45 

337 Ludlow Ave Clifton Barbers Cody Best, 918-729-2526, was Dan's Clifton Barbers, Tues, Thurs, Fri 9-7 PM, Sat 9-5, Closed Sun & Monday, 513-281-3163, Dan and Sue Carson

Clifton Gaslight IV, 12" x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 26, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom  Lohre

Clifton Gaslight IV, 20” x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 26, 2014
The scene is from Holidays on Ludlow” with the horse drawn carriage picking up passengers in front of Graeter’s Ice Cream. The sky and street are enhanced by rendering them with high key color, each area having many colors from the complete spectrum.

336 Ludlow Ave Clifton Natural Foods, Bob Craig and Aaron Walker, 513-961-6111, was Dr. Andrea Jewell, FICK Chiropractic-Orthopedic Center, 513-861-0033 was Old World Book Store. Closed in 2005

338 Ludlow Ave d Raphael Gifts 513-751-1440, was Byrd/Braman

339 Ludlow Ave Ludlow Wines 513-751-3727,, Mike & Julie Anagnostou, proprietors, Join the “Wine of the Month Club.” $20 each month plus sales tax, free delivery to certain zip codes, minimum time in club is 6 months. Each month receive one bottle of wine, tasting notes and food pairings. Previous owners: David Kieft & Christopher Meacham.

340 Ludlow Ave Bohemian Hookah Café, 513-221-8700, was Golden Lions

341 Ludlow Ave Marrakech Moroccan Café 442-2233 was Apna Indian Restaurant 513-861-6800

342 Ludlow Ave Live at the Ludlow Garage was Olive's Restaurant 513-221-4200, 513-221-4200, Scott Crawford, owner, was Za's closed in June 2006,

343 Ludlow Ave Proud Rooster Restaurant 513-281-4965, Bobby Doll, coach of the St. Dominic’s Blackhawks eight grade girl’s basketball team, CYO City Boys Champs 97-98  

346 Ludlow Ave It's Yoga 513-961-9642,, Free Yoga Sat 3pm, Indu & David, owners

Woman Outside the Barber Shop, Oil on board, 12" x 16"

Impressionist painting of the famous Ludlow Garage in Cilfton, Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Ludlow Garage, 16" x 12", Oil pastel on aluminum, January 18, 2014

344 Ludlow Ave Ace Hardware 513-281-9600, multi use space closed August 2006, Xoma Gallery, Modern Lifestyles Furniture, Red Polly Space Outfitters, Design Details Interiors, Bio Wheels, Suki Clothing, Kowtow

350 Ludlow Ave Ambar Indian Restaurant 513-281-7000

351 Ludlow Ave Available, was Clifton Branch Public Library 513-369-4447 was New World Food Shop which became Clifton Natural Foods on McMillian and now next to Graeter's was Ladybug Fashions, Mon-Tues 12-9, Wed 12-5:30, Fri-Sat 9am-5:30, Burnet Woods Branch Library, painting hanging by Charlie Townsend donated by him it shows Telford Street looking towards Ludlow, done in charcoal and oil it is a excellent example of the ashcan school  

356 Ludlow Ave available was Jagdeep's Indian Grocery 513-961-2699 moved to 274 Ludlow Ave

358 Ludlow Ave Habanero Restaurant 513-961-6800

343 Ludlow Ave Rosson Apartments

354 Ludlow Ave Amol Indian Restaurant 513-961-3600

362 Ludlow Ave Mizti Shoes was Artists' Beads, 513-961-0145, was Naru Gifts was Saki Sliver

364 Ludlow Ave Artists' Beads, 513-961-0145 was Rhino's Tobacco was Naru was Saki Silver, 513-861-9626, A unique jewelry & gift store which has been owned and operated by Liz and Sak since 1998. They carry a wide selection of products ranging from candles, bathroom accessories, to silver jewelry designed by Saki himself. See them at International gem show. To purchase a Saki Silver products,  was Nirvana Gifts was Nortika Futon Store was Burrito Joe’s Restaurant was Cafe Elite,

369 Ludlow Ave Hansa Guild Gifts 513-221-4002

407 Ludlow Ave CVS Drug Store 513-281-4329  

411 Ludlow Ave United Bank was Columbia Savings & Loan Service Bank 513-281-2443

404 Ludlow Ave Clifton Performance Theatre, 513-861-7469, was office space was Sitwells Coffee Shop moved down the street was Sea Cove Cafe

415 Ludlow Ave PNC Bank Service Bank 513-221-1122

423 Ludlow Ave US Bank Service Bank 513-475-6060,

Ormond Avenue  

3406 Ormond St Dr. Marvin Kaplan Service Dentist, 513-281-8800

3408 Ormond St Burnet Woods Branch Post Office 513-861-1367

3410 Ormond St Brown's Tours & Travel Services Service Travel Agent 513-731-3369 was Urban Gypsy Clothing Store & Diversions

Burnet Woods Post Office, Bob retired, M-F 8.3-4pm, not open from 1-2 sat 8:30-12 Now taking major credit cards  

Roanoke Apartments  

Whitfield Ave  

Terrace Ave

500 Terrace Ave The Clifton House Lodging Bed & Breakfast, 513-221-7600,

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Evanswood Place

Evanswood Home oil on canvas by Tom Lohre.

Evanswood Home, 16" x 12", oil on canvas, used on the cover of the Clifton Chronicle

Middleton Ave  

3652 Middleton Ave Gaslight Bed & Breakfast Lodging Bed & Breakfast 513-861-5222,

Clifton Meadows Coho Painting by Tom Lohre

Clifton Meadows, 6' x 3', Acrylic on board, June 11, 2012

Clifton Meadows, 3' x 4', Acrylic on canvas, 2008

Contact Tom at for an 8" x 10" image, $10 for 1, $15 for 2, $20 for 3

Clifton Meadows Swim Club

cupboard3.jpg (216342 bytes)

Bogarts Corryville, Cincinnati Oil on canvas, 16” x 20”, October 6th, 2002

Painted from life. Tom drove his flying bicycle through Ludlow and Jefferson Villages to get to Corryville, one of the many little villages in Cincinnati.     He started the painting in the studio, projecting an image of the street onto the canvas along with some images of girls he had taken around the neighborhood villages. When he started painting there was a girl handing out flyers in from of The Cupboard. The flyers were for a competing store across the street. Tom ended up painting the shopkeeper of The Cupboard in her regular spot in the front door. The manner of the painting is much rougher than usual for Tom. It is an experiment in momentary human expression hoping to present a solid finished idea but in a manner, that shows the human size and stroke. This manner was influenced by Tom’s friend in England who paints everyday quick oil sketches. He is constantly touting to paint the whole all at once.

History of These Pages 

I came up with this idea from the many grants that the state and city requests artists to apply for. All the grants look to make the artist a living treasure of the community. As a street painter for many years in New York City, Nantucket and Palm Beach, I felt that I should just skip the grants and get right to the mission of making myself a living treasure of my community. Of course the state and city grants want all this to happen in the poorer neighborhoods so I will still propose various projects to take place in the poorer neighborhoods with a goal of empowering the residents there to become there own community treasure.  

I have been a working fine artist for about 25 years. I moved to New York City once finishing college and lived in the same apartment on Christopher & Bleecker for twenty years while I started traveling the art circuit of Palm Beach, Nantucket and New York City. In 1994 I met my wife on a return home visit and eventually gave up my apartment and returned to my home town, Cincinnati.

View Tom Lohre' locations of paintings painted from life in a larger map. More additions to come:()

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