Humidfier Waterfall Painting

Imagine a large painting of your choice turned into a unique humidifier. A waterproof board painted with waterproof paint and attached to a copper gutter has a pump that coats both sides of the board with water. Using a gallon of water every six hours it turns your dry home into a moist oasis. All fittings are brass and copper.
Order one today and having it up and running in two weeks.

The image used in this humidifier painting is a favorite photo from my wife’s childhood. It shows two-year-old Irene held by her sister Linda with her brother Anthony and sister Margie. In the background are their two horses Nelly with rear to viewer and Tom standing sideways. Behind the horses is the Muscadine grape trellis. Across the road is the tractor under the cover of the barn they used to dry tobacco.

humidpaint trough sprinkler wetsurface

Humidfier Painting, 5' 6" x 4', Waterproof paint on concrete board, copper tubing, K gutter, water pump, January 15th, 2002 

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