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Provides Guidance for You or Your Childern to Paint Large Versions of Their Drawings or Doodles

• No Clean-Up, Floor Cover Supplied, Work Done At Your Home
• One Person At A Time Taking 3-4 Hours At A Leisurely Pace
• All Materials Supplied
• Colors Mixed to Match Decor
• Parents Okay Design
• Children, Starting at 7, Supply Ideas
• Help With Hanging
• $300 for a 30" x 24" canvas

• Canvas Streched Around 2" Frame, Painting Needs No Frame, Can Hang The Same Day

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Liza painted her silly band in African Colors. 30" x 24", August 2010

Jack painted the UC Football quarterback, Tony Pike, for his father's 2009 Christmas present. 24" x 30", 2009

Jack painted his favorite doodle for his father's 2008 Christmas gift. 30" x 24"

Syd, Mas and Tom set up their studio in the basement of their new 5000 square foot home. Needing artwork for the large walls, Tom offered to stretch 2 - 3’ x 4’ canvases, supply the paint, brushes and expertise. In about three hours the children were done. In the beginning they spent a good amount of time mixing the color and doing small color sketches. Then Tom transferred the children’s drawings on the canvas and showed them how to paint. It was a little messy but nobody spilled any paint.

Mas' preliminary drawing was a rocket ship and a planet with stars. The black for space was really a thin black/brown/blue that once applied showed some of the canvas. The strokes were evident and special for space played such a big role in this work. Tom told Mas to think he was creating vast sections of outer space with each stroke. In painting the stars, Tom showed Mas how to anticipate a stars structure without using the crossing lines children use to create five pointed stars. In painting them, Tom showed Mas how to load his brush just right and let the paint edge of the brush make the lower edges and once relieved a bit make the edges on top.

Syd’s work looks like it came right out of a famous modern museum. Maybe it was done during the 1920's in Germany when the Bauhaus Movement was in full swing. Syd did not know what it meant. Her mother helped decide the colors. It was a very simple drawing with crayons that theyworked from. After the general shapes were in they sat back and pondered what would make it better. Her mother helped with great ideas on which shape to make bigger and where another color was needed. She directed the general color palette of the works to suit her décor.