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Your Face in a Masterpiece

Pick any painting in the Cincinnati Art Museum and Tom will your face in it.

Tom learned to paint under a Master. His master encouraged Tom to go paint copies in the museum. Tom would paint his friends faces into the works he was copying. He became known for doing this and recently was commission to paint his patrons wife and children into Antonio del Ceraiolo's "Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist, c 154.138, 1520. The 30" x 40" oil on board hangs at the top of the right hand steps as you enter the Cincinnati Art Museum. Tom works in the museum during the week bringing all his materials with him. It is an old tradition to allow artists to copy from the original and at the Cincinnati Art Museum all you have to do is show up with a 5' x 5' waterproof tarp and plastic containers along with paints, brushes, easel, etc. and you can work from the original as long as you are four feet away and do not leave your stand.

The Original: Antonio del Ceraiolo, Italy, 1520, CAM 1854.138, 30" x 40", Madonna & Child with St. John the Baptist.

Click image to see larger image.

United Press International 1979

rembrandt copy with anothers face

Bill Tobey, 30" x 30", Oil on canvas, 1978, Painted from the original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Bill's face subsituted.

The Merchants Wife, Copy from the original by Thomas Lawrence in the MET

Click image to see larger image.

Miss Page, Oil on canvas Painted from the original by Frank Duveneck during Tom's education days painting copies at Art Museums. Any painting can be copied.


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Tom Lohre is a well known collected artist. Recommended by Angies' List.

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