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City Scapes

Paris city view from abve oil painting by Tom Lohre Cadiz Spain Catholic Church oil, painting by Tom Lohre

Rue de Clingnacort, Paris,1978, oil on canvas,12" x 16", whereabouts unknown    

Painted from life, looking outside the window where Tom was staying. He did two paintings from that window. The other one was a still life  set up in front of the window. The painting took about two weeks as did the still life.    The one thing Tom remembers of the street was the dog shit and how messy it was. The French feed their dogs table scraps so their poop if not that hard solid stuff you get in the States. This view is in the Northern section of town sometimes referred to as the Arab section. Down this street is the famous flee market.

Church, Cadiz Spain, oil on canvas, 30" x 24", 1978

Painted during the same trip as the Rue de Clingnacort, Paris painting. Tom spent three months in Europe painting.

Google Earth view of the hotel room and the view from one of the top floors.

Oil painting of Harrisburg, Pennsyvania showing old roof tops , City Island and the river bridges by Tom Lohre.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 24” x 20”, Oil on canvas, 2006
Started in 1991 while staying at the Harrisburg Hilton, it took 15 years to finish the lower right section of homes. In the distance you can see City Island where the Harrisburg Senators play. The green roof is the Conservation Fund Pennsylvania building, 105 N Front St # 400. The beige church to the right with the circular window is the St Stephen's Episcopal. In front is their school, 215 North Front Street. Between in the black building is Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) - Loan Agency, 211 N Front St. In the distance is the Harvey Taylor Bridge.
Tom took images of the scene when he realized he was not going to finish the work. At the time he was courting his wife. She lived in Cincinnati and had a speaking engagement in Harrisburg. Tom was living in Greenwich Village, NYC and took a road trip to Harrisburg to spend two days with her.
Though fond of the painting as a remembrance of times when you could paint in a hotel room and not have your girlfriend bothered by the smell; Tom learned the painting has more meaning to the citizens and buildings it represents.

Harrisburg I

6" x 4-1/2", watercolor on paper, 1992

Painted as a study for a larger oil painting.

Harrisburg II

6" x 4-1/2", watercolor on paper, 1992


Portsmouth England

10" x 8", Oil on canvas, February 2001


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