Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, City Island & The Susquehanna River

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Started from life during a visit to where Tom was meeting his to be wife. She had a talk in Harrisburg. And Tom worked and studied Harrisburg while there. He rearranged the buildings that looked interesting in the canvas. 

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 24” x 20”, Oil on canvas, Started June 15th, 1991, Oil on canvas, Finished in 2006
Started in 1991 while staying at the Harrisburg Hilton, it took 15 years to finish the lower right section of homes. In the distance you can see City Island where the Harrisburg Senators play. The green roof is the Conservation Fund Pennsylvania building, 105 N Front St # 400. The beige church to the right with the circular window is the St Stephen's Episcopal. In front is their school, 215 North Front Street. Between in the black building is Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) - Loan Agency, 211 N Front St. In the distance is the Harvey Taylor Bridge. Tom took images of the scene when he realized he was not going to finish the work. At the time he was courting his wife. She lived in Cincinnati and had a speaking engagement in Harrisburg. Tom was living in Greenwich Village, NYC and took a road trip to Harrisburg to spend two days with her. Though fond of the painting as a remembrance of times when you could paint in a hotel room and not have your girlfriend bothered by the smell. Tom learned the painting has more meaning to the citizens and buildings it represents.
For thirty years he has painted formal portraits that sometimes take upwards of a year to paint. The life size portraits are masterpieces of modern romanticism. The surface of the canvas is amazing to look at for Tom uses the white of the canvas and transparent tints to create lifelike form. Tom is obsessed with the surface of the painting. He emulates the great master figurative painter William Adolph Bouguereau. Tom started his “en plein air” work, artwork painted outdoors, after mastering his portrait manner. He honed his skills by painting outdoors every day. He would paint scenes devoid of people even though they would be in very popular locations.

An original 2006 oil painting on canvas by contemporary Cincinnati artist and inventor Tom Lohre, titled Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The painting depicts the buildings of the town nestled along the banks of the Susquehanna River along the lower third of the painting, and a sweeping pale cloudscape to the upper two thirds. Artist signature is hand-signed in red to the lower right. The painting is presented in a wooden frame with cast surface embellishments, off-white linen lining, and gold tone finish. A hanging wire and extensive information about the artist and piece are attached to the verso. Lohre attests to be the first to have ever painted a spaceship from life; he also painted the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens from life.

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Harrisburg II, Watercolor, 7" x 5"

Harrisburg I, Watercolor, 7" x 5"

Brief History of the Artist/Scientist
Tom Lohre learned by living with a master portrait painter Ralph Wolf Cowan. Searching for new subjects, he painted the eruption of Mount Saint Helens while it erupted from life, twenty miles to the south on Tum Tum Mountain. He also painted the first space shuttle from life, 200 'feet from it, under armed guard, the day before to took off. Besides painting portraits, Tom paints scenes from life.
Other rights and obligations between the artist and owner of the physical part of the artwork outlined in the Receipt of the Artworks Physical Part listed at http://tomlohre.com/contract1.htm. For any restoration and repair work, please call the artist.
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