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Emerald Isle Estuary, 16" x 12", June 21, 2011

Emerald Isle Beach with Palm Tree, North Carolina, 16" x 12", June 21, 2011

Every year, when the family was young and the little ones were happy to just swim in the concrete pool next to the fire ants living in the grass on the way to the beach with off limit dunes bordered with picket fence barriers. They went for a week just after Moore Family Reunion in Kinston, North Carolina, 45 minutes from the beach. Emerald Isle Beach, a working man’s spot slowly being taken over by large beachfront rentals pushing out the roadside cinder block two story motels, they stayed at, the same hotel of her childhood complete with carny rides, water slides, trailer park, fishing pier and souvenir shops. This view on the second floor balcony of the hotel Tom painted was our times. Later he would seek out other locations in the surrounding area. The eternal draw of the view of the dunes, stairs and beach Tom learned was something to experience and not so much paint. Here he is painting sheltered from the sun and wind from the upper deck around the second floor rooms. In the beginning he would paint on the red hot sand under a skimpy umbrella then under the stairs going down to the beach. The marginal spread of beach goers along the waterfront with colorful umbrellas, beach towels and kites is the essence of vacation not easily squeezed into a painting.

Surfers, America Beach, North Carolina, 16" x 12", Oil on board, June 2005

For thirty years he has painted formal portraits that sometimes take upwards of a year to paint. The life size portraits are masterpieces of modern romanticism. The surface of the canvas is amazing to look at for Tom uses the white of the canvas and transparent tints to create lifelike form. Tom is obsessed with the surface of the painting. He emulates the great master figurative painter William Adolph Bouguereau. Tom started his “en plein air” work, artwork painted outdoors, after mastering his portrait manner. He honed his skills by painting outdoors every day. He would paint scenes devoid of people even though they would be in very popular locations.
Tom is a full time fine artist who paints portraits, commissions, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and outer space. He also creates robotic artists and art machines. The amazing thing about Tom's progress is that he is moving towards creating robot machines that paint, talk and maybe even think like him. In a world where apprenticeship under a master is considered passé, Tom looks to instill his knowledge in a machine. Tom’s classical manner is becoming more refined and deliberate in copying the manner of the old masters. Tom’s main focus in art is the surface of the work. He has always been obsessed with the surface of the painting. Tom trained under the portrait painter, Ralph Wolfe Cowan. After assisting Mr. Cowan in Palm Beach in 1980, Tom started traveling the circuit of Palm Beach, Nantucket and New York City. Searching for new subjects, he painted the eruption of Mount Saint Helens while it erupted from life, twenty miles to the south on Tum Tum Mountain. He also painted the first space shuttle from life, 200 'feet from it, under armed guard, the day before to took off. Besides painting portraits, Tom paints scenes from life.
He met Irene Moore while visiting home in 1990. They have lived in Clifton since getting married in 1994 and have a daughter, Helen Grace born 1999. Tom moved back to Cincinnati because his wife did not want to live on the road and in the hustle and bustle of New York City.
Other rights and obligations between the artist and owner of the physical part of the artwork outlined in the Receipt of the Artworks Physical Part listed at http://tomlohre.com/contract1.htm. For any restoration and repair work, please call the artist. Send an e-mail to be added to the database as the owner.

All information believed correct but cannot be guaranteed.

Emerald Isle II, 16" x12", Oil on canvas, June 2001

Oil painting of beach goers by Tom Lohre

Emerald Isle I, 16" x12", Oil on canvas, June 2000

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