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Saint Xavier

Three color charcoal on paper, 8" x 10", 1993

This two color charcoal on tinted paper was done to emulate the old masters. The drawings was done from a photograph. Particular attention was paid to applying the charcoal in a direct way without smudging.

This drawing is the beginning study to paint a full size oil painting of Saint Xavier for Tom's High School St. Xavier. Tom has painted three other such portraits for his other alma maters.

Covington Catholic High School http://tomlohre.com/jesus,.htm

St. Agnes Grade School http://tomlohre.com/stagnes.htm

Thomas More College http://tomlohre.com/thomas.htm

While working on the drawing of St. Xavier Tom learned that Xavier was a sailor. Tom visited the place in Macau where Xavier landed and visited the catholic church there. One composition idea has Xavier on a sailing vessel. Saint Xavier went to the orient spending the latter part of his life there dying of fever on a small island. Saint Xavier spent his younger days in Paris until he and Loyola received papers from the Pope that allowed them to start the Jesuit Order. Another composition idea for the painting has Xavier in front of the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre, Paris.

It is Tom's wish that his alumni class commission such a work. Tom is willing to paint a 48" x 72" oil on canvas and allow the Class of 71' to give it to the school if they can present him with a work stipend of $2,500. The frame will be extra and about $750.



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