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Inspiring Smiles Forever

Complete Works, Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lifes, Sculpture, Lego Artist...

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The Great Tomaso YouTube

Family, Sailing, Art, Created 2016

Tom Lohre YouTube

Clifton, Cincinnati especially Clifton Market. Broadcasting live from the Clifton Market Cafe. Created 2006

Tom Lohre Vimeo

Family, Sailing, Art, Created 2019

Goodnight Clio

Ohio River Launch Club Work Party

Zurich Lake Boat

Sailing on the Ohio River October 27, 2019 with Irene, Jesse, Ton and Irene have a leisure sail with 3.5 kts from the southwest, sunset and 70°.

Julian Wuerth's Birthday Video

Jesse Price's Birthday Video

Orson Austin's Birthday Video

CliftonFest, Cliftones, Chalk Drawings

Many thanks to the members of the CliftonFest Committee who work hard for nine months to bring us one great day of fun and community every year: Buddy Goose, Alexis Fraser Cain, Elizabeth McNearney, Beth Koch, Donna Carlson Jones, Liz Wu, Luis Barnes and John Fox. And a big thank you also to all the volunteers who manned the booths and did everything that needed to be done. It was another successful CliftonFest! The weather helped a great deal too!
The Cliftones Hypocritical @ The Southgate House Revival 1-1

Moon & Flowers
By Christina Conley Sponsored by Adrian Durban Florist

Cat, Rabbit, Horse & Chiwawa
By Caroline Bussick
Sponsored by Howell Avenue Pet Hospital & Petey's Pet Shop

Flowers with Horse
By Diane Gallina
Sponsored by Los Potrillos Mexzican Restaurant

Desert Scene
By Emily Mason
Sponsored by CliftonFest

Gaslight with Fruit & Vegetables
By Gayle Cobb
Sponsored by CliftonMarket

Food Mountains & Flower
By Honey Tolparov
Sponsored by Biagio's Bistro

Five Friends in Vapors
Khonisa Anderson
Sponsored By Clifton Town Meeting

by Tammy Brown
Sponsored By Clifton Business Association

Disney Character
By L Cabrero
Sponsored by Maya Jewelry

Esquire Halloween Lineup
by Connor Bussick
Sponsored by Esquire Theater

Face with Coffee Cup
By Ella Kurutz
Sponsored by Sitwell's Act II

Couple Walking the Street
By Ellina Chetverikova
Sponsored by Gaslight Bar & Grill

Detail of Gustav Klimt's Goldfish
By John Ford
Sponsored by Ludlow Wines
It was so controversial upon its premiere at the 1904 XIII Secession Exhibition that Klimt considered renaming it "To My Critics."

Famous Musician Quotes
By Joshua Moore
Sponsored by The Ludlow Garage

Rainbow Computer
By Kelsey Adams
Sponsored by Lentz & Company

By Nina Dusa
Sponsored by Pangaea Trading Company

Iron Man
By Owen Gunderman
Sponsored by
Clifton Barbers
Tenzing is a Cincinnati based visual artist, muralist and designer. He has painted numerous small and large scale public murals locally and nationally, shown fine art pieces in multiple galleries throughout the United States, as well as created custom commissioned artworks, murals and graphic designs. Tenzing hopes to use his art and creativity to inspire people and share a creative and imaginative vision with the world.

Sponsored by Moroccan Mediterranean Restaurant

Formless Human
By Satchid Macharia
Sponsored by Carol Talbot

Tooth with Crown
By Sea O. Dax
Sponsored by Clifton Dental

By Sophia Burch
Sponsored by Graeter's Ice Cream

Wonderland Vape Shop

Mice with X-Ray
By William Dickson
Sponsored by Uptown Consortium Inc.

Pepper Sun
By Patricia Shoemaker
Sponsored by Habanero's

By John Rapach
Sponsored by Toko Baru

Two Faces
By Daniel Luck
Sponsored by Lydia's on Ludlow

Sun & Moon Hookah
By Cassandra Robbins
Sponsored by Bohemian Hookah Cafe

Desert Scene
By Emily Mason
Sponsored by CliftonFest

View Tom Lohre' locations of paintings painted from life in a larger map. More additions to come:()

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Complete Works, Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lifes, Sculpture, Lego Robot Artist...

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Experience the Warm Feeling of Owning Original Art

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