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The Great Tomaso YouTube

Family, Sailing, Art, Created 2016

Tom Lohre YouTube

Clifton, Cincinnati especially Clifton Market. Broadcasting live from the Clifton Market Cafe. Created 2006

Tom Lohre Vimeo

Family, Sailing, Art, Created 2019

"Heave Away My Johnnies" Sung with a few lyric changes to go with Captain Eric Forsyth's book about 50 years of cruising on Fiona, a 42' Westsail. Of which Tom Lohre was on board 215 of them. Oh, as I walked down the Landing Stage All on a summer's morn, Heave away, my Johnnies, heave away! It's there I spied an buxom girl A-looking all forlorn, And away, my Johnnie boys, We're all bound to go! "Oh, good morning, Capt. Eric," "Good morning, my girl," said he. Heave away, my Johnnies, heave away! "Have you got a solid ship to carry me across the sea?" And away, my Johnnie boys, We're all bound to go! "Oh, yes I have a Westsail, She's called the Ms. Fiona"; Heave away, my Johnnies, heave away! "She sails away at break of day, She sails to-day for Rodney Bay." And away, my Johnnie boys, We're all bound to go! "Oh, will you take me to Rodney Bay When she sails away at break of day?" Heave away, my Johnnies, heave away! "I want to marry a Yankee boy, And I'll cross the sea no more." And away, my Johnnie boys, We're all bound to go!

Nelson Sullivan's gallery walk with Ronda Granger, Ru Paul, Felicia and Tom Lohre. Shot in the 80's, Nelson made it a habit of shooting theme videos. Tom worked out a line up of galleries and off they went. There is no audio at the end of the video. We were in a gallery showing Kevin Larmee's work. At the time he had huge works on buildings all over Soho. He is still painting in Chicago. You can check out his work on Facebook and Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Dick Richards and David Goldman started posting Nelson's videos on YouTube after he died. When Tom was visiting them, they made a copy of the gallery walk video. Stupid Tom, they left him alone in the studio while they went to do an errand and he turned off the machine after an hour into it. He missed getting the footage of a little known show of Warhol among other gems of the day.



With only one engine, we made it to the Spinx. Sinking at 500 feet per minute with full throttle on starboard. We only could communicate by pencil and pad since the noise was deafening and we never had ear plugs. Holding course was not hard at all in the simulator but you really knew you were descending at 500 ft per minute.

Wings Over Iraq by Eric Forsyth (available on Amazon)

Not many books bring so many details of life together except a book on the verge of war. "Wings Over Iraq" lands right in the middle of the German re-arming and their need for oil to lubricate it. Germans nose their way into everybody's business including pastoral architectural digs of ancient Mesopotamia. Follow a young pilot grow up in the desert, flying a huge bi-plane British bomber called the "Vimy" while he improves and developes all weather flight techniques, “flying blind”. An ancient history buff, the young pilot is drawn deep into digs at Ur and Egyptian pyramids where the Germans have eyes everywhere. You'll always be looking over your shoulder by the time you finish, questioning everything while the fledgling Nazi movement sweeps into every crack and crevice. Nothing like learning history and flight while meeting the local flower and fauna. The young pilot grows up earning his manhood only to be thrust-ed into reality. Though no Ian Flemming, Forsyth has created a novel you’d love to see as a film.

Charles C. Higgins MP at Nuremberg Trials

At the Nuremberg Trials Charles C. Higgins was an MP. In earlier footage I distinctly remember seeing him walk through the camera view. Afterwards I reviewed the footage at the Holocaust Museum without finding him. Here is The History Channel's DVD edited down to just the footage of the MP's. I cannot find him in it. Maybe you'll have better luck. I am assuming that particular piece of film, though of incredible importance to my family, was left on the editing floor for it was just a happenstance in filming that need not be part of the final production:( He is my grandfather. My sister supplied the thumbnail that has grandfather seated to the left of the witness stand wearing headphones. The headphones were part of a new instantaneous translation system developed at IBM and then used at the United Nations.

Whether flying full size, scaled or virtually, you'll find Chuck diverting his attention away from his main chore: Studying to pass the glider instructor test.

Clifton Carriage Tour before Automobiles Cliftonian Bob Siegfried, 90, gives a short tour and history of the carriage trade. Personal carriages took the very wealthy to work and play. The not so rich took the Omnibus, a horse drawn carriage on steel wheels that could get up Cincinnati hills.

How to Tie a Bow Tie Produced by Bob Siegfried Direction and Videography by Michael Leamon and Brent Farwick Videotape Editing by Michael Leamon Script by Caroline Siegfried Cast: Bob Siegfried, Carrie Lee Dentino, Cricket the Wonder Dog Music by The Music Bakery Produced through Impact Video Productions

Small Nuclear Energy Sources by Robert Siegfried Part 1 Presented at the monthly RESC Regional Engineers & Scientists meeting November 16, 2010 Basically, you can put a small nuclear reactor similar to the one on spacecraft in the ground down 150' and it will power 50 homes for 25 years. Large nuclear power plants were built to supply fuel for nuclear bombs because they used the same process. Will post better synopsis soon. Small Nuclear Energy Sources by Robert Siegfried Part 1 Presented at the monthly RESC Regional Engineers & Scientists meeting November 16, 2010 There haven't been any nuclear power plants built since Three Mile Island, and probably will not be until people get used to the idea. For seventeen years the Model T was sold while people got used to pumps and gauges, shifting gears, licensing, insuring, and financing. Many companies make nuclear plants but normally in range of 1600 Megawatts, so as to get economies of scale. Companies do have designs and experience with units around 40 Megawatts. Sale and construction of there small units may open opportunities for economics of multiples as happened with cars and i-phones. Our program will introduce the work of Toshiba (Westinghouse); AREVA (France); G.E. (U.S.)

Bob Tunes Lydia's Piano Bob Siegfried, 90, retired P&G engineer, improved the new “old” piano at Lydia’s on Ludlow. First tuning it and now tightening and adjusting the “works” so they strike the strings properly by removing the works to his workshop. It will take about two weeks to bring it back to life. “If it’s not tuned. Nobody will play it.” He adds. Bob was a member and treasurer of the National Piano Technicians Guild. Later in the video, our local rock star, Nelson Slater, plays one of his hits on the new old piano. Bob passed away in his sleep at home on April 8, 2020. He was ninety years old.

Clifton Market Window Box Art Gallery featuring Tom Lohre
319 Ludlow Ave, Cincinnati OH 45220
Four of the paintings are figures on Ludlow Avenue. Using a digital mannequin program called Poser to help with composition and lighting. It’s not perfect but it sure beats the wooden ones. Painted in the open air and in shops on Ludlow Avenue after composing the canvas in the studio. Spoiler alert! You will see Poser figures in bikinis in the video. Painted transparently using the white of the gessoed canvas to shine through. Once the transparent color is stippled, defining lines are applied. Along with the figurative work, 5 landscapes in the window box will be auctioned mid-summer 2020 on EBTH.



1971 13’ Banshee Sailboat / Trailer Sold for $300 Stored in a garage, with original sail and parts. After sailing across the Atlantic Ocean I vowed never to be without a sailboat, on a nothing budget. On craigslist someone gave me a Triumph Trimaran and I worked on repairing it till I found a Banshee for sale. What a find. I carved a set of oars for her and she was my go to boat for many years. Tom Lohre, 513-236-1704, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220 1971 13 Ft. Been stored in a garage. Oar locks have been installed but can be removed. 7’ oars not included. Rows excellent with boom bungeed to mast. Daggerboard and rudder in excellent shape. Mast and boom in good shape. Mast step a little worn as well as the connection between upper mast and lower mast but still excellent as serviceable. Trailer in excellent condition, greased and lights working. Sail battens sewn in place, no holes but used. No seams loose. Includes running rigging. Hull has one quarter inch patched hull. Hull does not leak, bone dry. All hardware in excellent shape. Includes tung drop down wheel. Groups Page DropBox Link to PDF

Mary Delivers Art for Possible Inclusion in Group Show After 40 plus years of drawing with crayon on paper with help from Chuck, Patty and Tom, Mary delivered five framed works to Art Beyond Boundaries, 1410 Main St., Cincinnati OH 45202 for consideration to be included in "Crushing Daffodils" which will run from March 27 to May 8, 2020. The Art Beyond Boundaries Gallery is a professional, mainstream fine art exhibition venue where local and regional artists with disabilities display, market, and sell their artwork. The mission of the gallery is to promote awareness and understanding of artists with disabilities. The gallery strives to demonstrate to both the artists and the community that art transcends the limits of disabilities.

Paul's Birthday Neighbors gather and take time to celebrate a birthday.

NC Wyeth's Transparent Manner It is special to see your own technique in NC's work. The transparent manner in "Island Funeral" seems to indicate he worked transparently with maybe egg tempura or casein tempera. Painting transparent paintings relies on how long you have to work the surface until the paint starts to dry. Then you have to give up until the surface is very dry to go back over. In the past I used stand oil, Damar varnish and a few drops of oil of clove to give me about 18 days working the surface till it started to set. Now I use castor oil and powered pigment giving me about a month of working time. The other unique aspects of this painting and my own is the use of a rubber brush or nip to remove the transparent paint revealing the white gessoed surface. I learned about the rubber brushes about ten years ago and now use them to the same effect of NC. In this painting you can set numerous time where he removed paint to highlight instead of using white paint. The whole reason is to achieve a luminescence quality that cannot be achieved with opaque paint. N. C. Wyeth: New Perspectives February 8–May 3, 2020 | Fifth Third Gallery Taft Museum of Art 316 Pike St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Co-organized by the Brandywine River Museum of Art in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and the Portland Museum of Art in Maine, this exhibition showcases approximately 50 large-scale paintings by N. C. Wyeth (1882–1945), the patriarch of one of America’s most prominent artistic families. Many of Wyeth’s grand images bring to life the stories of Treasure Island, The Last of the Mohicans, and The Boy’s King Arthur—books published as part of Charles Scribner’s Sons Illustrated Classics series that are still well-known today. Despite his fame as an illustrator, however, Wyeth deserves much greater appreciation for his little-known fine art paintings. Thus, New Perspectives revises his reputation by also highlighting his private work, which reveals Wyeth’s love of nature and the contemporary American scene.

Clifton Fire Crew Checking Hydrants Clifton's new fire chief introduces himself.

14' Home-built Row Boat Sailboat

Rose of Sharon

Orsen's 50th Birthday Party

Washing the Boat In the dead of winter we all dream of the season. For years I had no boat but still cleaned gel coat.

Used Cape Dory 25 Main Sail for Sale Cape Dory 25 Sail Used Main $375 including shipping and handling Signs of wear on leather around rings at clew and tack. No threads bare. Excellent condition. One set of reef points with no signs of being used. Footed with ½ slides Luff 23'6" ½ slides Foot 11' Leech 26' Designed Exclusively for Cape Dory by Cheong Lee of Hong Kong

200109 Ohio River Sail Great conditions. Perfect in every way.

Clifton market still open for business during pandemic on Fox19

Dear friends of Clifton Market Despite the recent demand for groceries, we are doing everything in our power to safely provide for our community. We continue to receive daily deliveries and our wholesalers do not anticipate any major shortages in the foreseeable future. We will, however, continue to see daily ebbs and flows in regards to specific products as supply lines adjust to the current situation. During these temporary ebbs, we have not and will not raise our prices to take advantage of product shortages at the expense of our community. Unless directed otherwise by government officials, we plan on maintaining our existing business hours. We typically see the lowest amount of foot traffic during our morning hours and this trend has continued even during the last week. This period typically provides the best opportunity to shop while minimizing physical proximity with other shoppers. In addition, we have set aside Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8 am to 10 am as shopping times for customers who are considered more vulnerable to the virus. During these time periods only customers who are seniors or have an underlying health condition can shop in the Market. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We want to do everything we can to safely provide for our community during these difficult times.

Sincerely Gurmukh and Genet Singh

Cinti Parks Wed, Mar 11, 20 “Transient Dock & Burnet Woods Presentations and Citizen Comments”.

Cincinnati Parks Dept Wednesday, March 11, 2020 meeting's “Transient Dock & Burnet Woods Presentations and Citizen Comments”.

Idolish7 Idol Group Performs on Clifton Plaza

We are HaichiGatsuIdols! We are an idolish7 group based in Ohio! For more information please dm us on Instagram, @hachigatsuidols. HaichiGatsuIdols! debuts at Matsurican 2020 MY??TONIGHT by Aqours may be replaced with Skull_Fire by Jingle Punks (non-copyrighted music) if Aqours takes this down.

CTM Dog Park Discussion March 2, 2020 Video of the Police Report and discussion about a dog park in Clifton was top on the agenda at Clifton Town Meeting's March meeting.

New at Clifton Market: Germano's Foods and Julia Domenico Germano, born in 1948 in the region of Molise, Italy, I spent much of the first half of my youth in and among the vineyards and pastures of Santa Maria, a small village about an hour south of Campobasso. This area of Italy, nestled high up in the central Apennines, is rich in culinary tradition and renowned as the pasta capital of the world. For my family, tomatoes (Pomodori) are not just a staple, they’re a tradition. I was raised amongst tomato vines. The flavor and freshness of garden grown tomatoes always bring back fond memories. The late summer harvest was an event. Our extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is a very special blend. We hope you enjoy our olive oil Olive oil has been a way of life for me and my family for many generations and I am happy to be able to offer this product to you.

Keep Clifton Beautiful

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful produced for Clifton two chalkboards with spaces to write in what makes Clifton Beautiful. One for the plaza and another will make the rounds in Ludlow shops starting with Clifton Market.

The exterior plaza chalkboard is 8' x 8' feet and will be mounted on the wall of the plaza. The interior chalkboard is two panels hinged 8' tall and 3' wide.

True Joy Acoustics is a "social enterprise" started in 2010 and now based in Clifton Gaslight area. Sales proceeds and sponsors help donate ukuleles to Music Therapy programs in pediatric hospitals. Cincinnati Children's and Cincinnati's Ronald McDonald House has received well over 100 instruments.

Happy Holidays Clifton Market

Goodnight Clio

Ohio River Launch Club Work Party

Zurich Lake Boat

Sailing on the Ohio River October 27, 2019 with Irene, Jesse, Ton and Irene have a leisure sail with 3.5 kts from the southwest, sunset and 70°.

Julian Wuerth's Birthday Video

Jesse Price's Birthday Video

Orson Austin's Birthday Video

CliftonFest, Cliftones, Chalk Drawings

Many thanks to the members of the CliftonFest Committee who work hard for nine months to bring us one great day of fun and community every year: Buddy Goose, Alexis Fraser Cain, Elizabeth McNearney, Beth Koch, Donna Carlson Jones, Liz Wu, Luis Barnes and John Fox. And a big thank you also to all the volunteers who manned the booths and did everything that needed to be done. It was another successful CliftonFest! The weather helped a great deal too!
The Cliftones Hypocritical @ The Southgate House Revival 1-1

Moon & Flowers
By Christina Conley Sponsored by Adrian Durban Florist

Cat, Rabbit, Horse & Chiwawa
By Caroline Bussick
Sponsored by Howell Avenue Pet Hospital & Petey's Pet Shop

Flowers with Horse
By Diane Gallina
Sponsored by Los Potrillos Mexzican Restaurant

Desert Scene
By Emily Mason
Sponsored by CliftonFest

Gaslight with Fruit & Vegetables
By Gayle Cobb
Sponsored by CliftonMarket

Food Mountains & Flower
By Honey Tolparov
Sponsored by Biagio's Bistro

Five Friends in Vapors
Khonisa Anderson
Sponsored By Clifton Town Meeting

by Tammy Brown
Sponsored By Clifton Business Association

Disney Character
By L Cabrero
Sponsored by Maya Jewelry

Esquire Halloween Lineup
by Connor Bussick
Sponsored by Esquire Theater

Face with Coffee Cup
By Ella Kurutz
Sponsored by Sitwell's Act II

Couple Walking the Street
By Ellina Chetverikova
Sponsored by Gaslight Bar & Grill

Detail of Gustav Klimt's Goldfish
By John Ford
Sponsored by Ludlow Wines
It was so controversial upon its premiere at the 1904 XIII Secession Exhibition that Klimt considered renaming it "To My Critics."

Famous Musician Quotes
By Joshua Moore
Sponsored by The Ludlow Garage

Rainbow Computer
By Kelsey Adams
Sponsored by Lentz & Company

By Nina Dusa
Sponsored by Pangaea Trading Company

Iron Man
By Owen Gunderman
Sponsored by
Clifton Barbers
Tenzing is a Cincinnati based visual artist, muralist and designer. He has painted numerous small and large scale public murals locally and nationally, shown fine art pieces in multiple galleries throughout the United States, as well as created custom commissioned artworks, murals and graphic designs. Tenzing hopes to use his art and creativity to inspire people and share a creative and imaginative vision with the world.

Sponsored by Moroccan Mediterranean Restaurant

Formless Human
By Satchid Macharia
Sponsored by Carol Talbot

Tooth with Crown
By Sea O. Dax
Sponsored by Clifton Dental

By Sophia Burch
Sponsored by Graeter's Ice Cream

Wonderland Vape Shop

Mice with X-Ray
By William Dickson
Sponsored by Uptown Consortium Inc.

Pepper Sun
By Patricia Shoemaker
Sponsored by Habanero's

By John Rapach
Sponsored by Toko Baru

Two Faces
By Daniel Luck
Sponsored by Lydia's on Ludlow

Sun & Moon Hookah
By Cassandra Robbins
Sponsored by Bohemian Hookah Cafe

Desert Scene
By Emily Mason
Sponsored by CliftonFest

View Tom Lohre' locations of paintings painted from life in a larger map. More additions to come:()

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