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From Pam Strader, Aunt Nancy's daughter off Ancestry August 2021

Jesse Higgins_1
By 1787-1790 they were living in 96 District, Lauren County, SC, see 1790 census. In 1799 Jesse moved his family to his 100 acre land
grant in Christian County, KY. In 1820 this area became Todd County, KY. In 1821 they moved to Fort Palestine, IL
Source: Cliff Bowlin

Jesse Higgins_2
From "The History of Clark and Crawford Counties, Illinois," by William Henry Perrin, Chicago, O. L. Baskin & Co., Lakeside Building,1883, Page 202, Jessie & James Higgins arrived Crawford Co. IL about 1821

Jesse Higgins_3
THE HlGGINS FAMILY Part 1, January 11, 1979
"During 1821 a new family moved from Kentucky to the wildemess frontier area of Palestine, Crawford County. IL. Generations ofthis, the Higgins family, have lived in Crawford Co. and literally hundreds of their descendants-either with the Higgins surnames ordescendants of daughters whose surnames have changed-live in the county today. As far as we have yet been able to trace, it thisfamily was headed by Jesse Higgins, a native of North Carolina. His family may have earlier come from King William or PrinceWillliam County, Virginia but we have not suff iciently established that as fact. Jesse was born between about 1760 and 1765 and wasmarried about 1784 to Hannah-whose surname has not been found. By 1787 they had moved to Sourth Carolina and when thecensus was taken in 1790, they were living in 96 District, Laurens Co. S. C . In 1790 there were other Higgins families living in SouthCarolina and all but one lived in Laurens County. Jesse was listed there with his own family and the other heads of families listedthere must have been brother, cousins, and perhaps parents. Included there were two men by the name of John Higgins and Henry,James, Newton, Thomas, William Reuben ( 2 Reubens) and a widow Jemima Higgins. We know nothing about any of these exceptHenry Higgins (1754-1845) who was a Revolutionary War pensioner and later lived in Habersham and Gilmer Counties, Georgia.Henry was definitely not the father of Jesse, but could have been a cousin or brother. Of the names mentioned above, Henry andReuben are not common names among Jesse's descendants, but he did have sons named John, William and James and a daughterJemima and grandsons named Thomas and Newton.
"During 1798 Jesse Higgins received a land grant of 100 acres in Kentucky which was surveyed for him ,Dec. 1798. The land waslocated on the East fork of Pond River in Christian County. During 1799 he moved his family from SC to their new KY frontier home.
"Jesse sold his frontier land Oct. 10, 1810 to James Hill of Christian County for $300.00 and they must have taken up new land atthat time. An interesting description is given of his original land in the 1810 deed as it was described as "beginning on a hickorymarked J.H., thence north 37, east 126 and eight tenths poles to a white oak-thence north fift y three, west 126 and eight tenths polesto 2 white oaks then south 37, west 126 and eight-tenths poles to white

Jesse Higgins_4
"During 1820, the portion of Christian Co. KY. in which the Higgins family lived was reformed and became Todd County. Theycontinued to live in this area, Todd county, until 1821 when they moved to the wild frontiers near Palestine, IL. Some of the familymade visits back to Todd County, KY and the oldest son, John Higgins, eventually returned to that area to live.
"It is most likely that Jesse Higgins and his children and their families first settled at Palestine where the fort was located. But theylater settled in what is now known as Montgomery Township, near the present village of Morea. The family eventually owned mostof the land in Sect. 21, north and west of Morea just over a mile, and a substantial portion of the land in Section 28 and 29, just eastof Morea and on the north side of the road. Jesse's children and their descendants eventually made original purchase from thegovernment of 1,120 acres of land in Montgomery Township and a total of 2,020 acres in the county, not to count land purchasedfrom private owners. On Jan. 27, 1825 Jesse Higgins purchased 10 acres of land from James and Susannah Little for $5.00 and hereJesse built a mill, one of the earliest in the county. Perrin's1883 History of Crawford County says that his mill was where "Morea nowstands." His land was located at the north west corner of the crossroads at Morea, so the history is apparently correct.. Jesse musthave run the mill with his youngest son, Jesse, Jr., as when it was sold both men and their wives executed deeds."

Jesse Higgins_5

"On May 13, 1836, Jesse Higgins sold his land and mill for $100 to Joseph Malcolm, then a resident of Vigo Co. IN. Jesse and his wifeHannah both personally appeared to sign this deed and this is the last true record we have of either of them. Jesse was between theages of about 70-75 and his wife nearly as old and it is probable that they went to live with one of their children and died within afew years thereaft er. They were not listed in the 1840 census and had probably died by then.
"Since their son, Moses Higgins had left Crawford Co. by 1840, it is possible his parents had gone to live with him, but I think far moreprobable, that they died near Morea between 1836 and 1840. They are most likely buried in what is today called the SeaneyCemetery near Morea. This cemetery is on the original farm of their son William and was undoubtedly started as a Higgins familycemetery when William died in 1833. Only rocks mark the earliest graves.
"Perhaps it should be noted that it is possible that Jesse or one of his sons preceded the family to Crawford Co. and settled a year ortwo, then returned to KY. for a few years before returning with the entire family.
"Perrin's History of Crawford Co. written in 1883, relates the following about a Higgins family in Montgomery Township, but is wasabout 10 years before the bulk of the family settled there. It states, 'About the year 1811-1812, a hurricane swept over the country,passing from the southwest to the northwest, through the northwestern part of Montgomery and the south-eastern part of LamotteTownship. Marks of its destructive course may yet be seen in many places. It was about half a mile in width and the timber was felledbefore it, as grain before the reaper."

Jesse Higgins_6
"'A family named Higgins had just moved in, and had not yet had time to build a cabin and had constructed a rude hut to sheltertheir heads until better accommodations could be provided. The hut stood directly in the path of the hurricane, and aft er the stormwas over the people gathered together, and knowing the location of the Higgins' hut, supposed the family all killed, and thatnothing remained to them, but to make their way into the fallen timber, get out the unfortunates and bury them. Upon working theirway to them they were found to be wholly uninjured, not a single tree having fallen upon the hut, or touched it, but huge monarchsof the forest piled promiscously all around them, rendering their escape as remarkable as that of Tam O'Shanter's Mare. It was theonly spot in the whole track of the hurricane for miles that was not covered over with fallen timber. The incident is still rememberedby many who have received it as a family tradition.'
"We are not certain which members of the family were involved in the above incident. However, in researching through the land taxrecords of Christian Co., Ky. I find that Jesse and his older married sons, John and William were listed there up to 1809. In 1810 Jesseis not listed but is shown for 1811 and 1812. Sons William and John are shown in 1810, but neither appear in 1811 or 1812. All threeappear there in 1813 along with Jesse's younger son, Levi and Moses who had married by then, the family remained in the areawhich became Todd County in 1820, until leaving for Illinois in 1821."

Jesse Higgins_7

"Another minor bit of evidence which might indicate that it was John Higgins, Jesse's oldest son about whom the preceding storyrelated, is that John's oldest son, Absalom, who was born about 1811 or 1812 states in the 1850 census that he was born in Illinoisnot Kentucky. "Jesse and Hannah Higgins were the parents of at least 10 children and probably others who died as infants butwhose names have been lost as no family bible has been located for the family. Of the ten children listed below, the oldest son wasborn in North Carolina. The second child was probably born in Laurens County, South Carolina, as were the third, fourth and fift h.The last five children were born in Christian County, Kentucky.
1. John Higgins, b. abt. 1786; md. (1) Margaret A. Crawford, (2) Hulda Rager.
2. William Higgins, b. abt. 1788; md. Mary Ann Simons.
3. Levi Higgins, b. abt. 1790; md. (1) Margaret Simons, (2) Catharine Simons.
4. Moses Higgins, b. abt 1792; md Temperance Arnold.
5. James Higgins, b. abt. 1798; md (1) Ruth McCorpin (2) Mrs. Jane Swan.
6. Jemima Higgins, b. abt. 1800; md. Abraham T. McCorpin.
7. Benjamin Higgins, b. abt. 1802; md. (1) Amelia Seaney (2) Mrs. Rachel Ann Floyd.
8. Elizabeth Higgins, b. abt. 1805; md. John Garrard.
9. Mary Ann Higgins, b. October 7, 1808; md. Leonard Simons, Jr..
10. Jesse Higgins, Jr. , b. abt. 1810; md. (1) Mary Gaiter (2) Mrs. Elizabeth Groves."



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Documents relating to Maria Lohre from young Robert Lohre, he says:

Well it just so happen I just received a letter from "Archdiocese of Cincinnati". It is the church death record of Maria Lohre, father Philip Lohre, mother An Mar Hartmann. Death December 15, 1858. I think this is the same record I found at the Dallas Library last year. I have not done much research on the Lohre tree or my wife the Dix tree. I have been working on my mother the Darnell tree from Tennessee. Attach is the record in jpeg hope you can read it.

Family Tree

Lohre/Moore Family Tree. http://tomlohre.com/tree/WC01/WC01_018.htm

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Where Lohre's Are From

Dossel Germany, Hometown of the Lohre Family. 

Halle Germany is to the left and South a little, known as a art center and part of East Germany.

George Lohre's Home he built on Montague, Covington, Kentucky 

CRESCENTIA MARGARET HEIDKAMPS, Ralph Lohre's wife's home location, home has been raised.

Jerry Lohre 1904 - 1999 



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Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:56:03 -0400 
From: Debi_Blaskovich@bausch.com (Debi Blaskovich) 
Subject: Are we related? 

Received 4/27/2000 
My name is Debi Blaskovich. I am the daughter of Arnold Ikel (originally from Minnesota now in Washington state). In searching the internet, I saw a family tree in which Generation 2 included a Maria Ikel. It is my understanding that the name would be very rare and that we most likely would be related. My grandfather came over from Germany and changed the name from Eichelt to Ikel. Do you know anything further about Maria Ikel? 
Thanks, Debi Blaskovich

Tom's note: Maria Ikel's daughter Anna Margaretha Emrich married Johannes Franciscus Carolus Lohre in 24 Nov 1815, St. Katharina Church, Doessel

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