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Documents relating to Maria Lohre from young Robert Lohre, he says:

Well it just so happen I just received a letter from "Archdiocese of Cincinnati". It is the church death record of Maria Lohre, father Philip Lohre, mother An Mar Hartmann. Death December 15, 1858. I think this is the same record I found at the Dallas Library last year. I have not done much research on the Lohre tree or my wife the Dix tree. I have been working on my mother the Darnell tree from Tennessee. Attach is the record in jpeg hope you can read it.

Family Tree

Lohre/Moore Family Tree. http://tomlohre.com/tree/WC01/WC01_018.htm

Download the GED file that can be imported into any genelogy program http://tomlohre.com/tree/150717LohreFamilyTreeGED.ged

Where Lohre's Are From

Dossel Germany, Hometown of the Lohre Family. 

Halle Germany is to the left and South a little, known as a art center and part of East Germany.

George Lohre's Home he built on Montague, Covington, Kentucky 

CRESCENTIA MARGARET HEIDKAMPS, Ralph Lohre's wife's home location, home has been raised.

Jerry Lohre 1904 - 1999 



Jerry Speaks


Emails from distant relatives


Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:56:03 -0400 
From: Debi_Blaskovich@bausch.com (Debi Blaskovich) 
Subject: Are we related? 

Received 4/27/2000 
My name is Debi Blaskovich. I am the daughter of Arnold Ikel (originally from Minnesota now in Washington state). In searching the internet, I saw a family tree in which Generation 2 included a Maria Ikel. It is my understanding that the name would be very rare and that we most likely would be related. My grandfather came over from Germany and changed the name from Eichelt to Ikel. Do you know anything further about Maria Ikel? 
Thanks, Debi Blaskovich

Tom's note: Maria Ikel's daughter Anna Margaretha Emrich married Johannes Franciscus Carolus Lohre in 24 Nov 1815, St. Katharina Church, Doessel




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