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4' x 3', Oil on canvas, unfinished, 1980, with details

Tom's journey into space begun with the explosion of Mount Saint Helens. He traveled to the mountain to paint the eruption and arrived three days before. Afterwards he went to the Cape Kennedy to paint the first space shuttle launch. It was at the Cincinnati Observatory that he learned of the upcoming Voyager II's encounter with Saturn. He traveled to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and spend the whole time working on this large painting. Unfinished, he hopes to complete it with the new data arriving in from the Cassini spacecraft now at Saturn since July 1, 2004.

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft web page


Voyager II, The Gas Giants and Earth, 20" x 16", silkscreen on paper, 1989

Tom traveled to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory to paint Uranus and Neptune during their respective visits by Voyager II. He produced this silkscreen to culminate his encounters.


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