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My wife is always telling me to get rid of some stuff so I thought I would put up a page with various hard to fine items I have, in hopes that someone will be doing a search and stumble onto this page. It's not E-Bay or Craig's List, it's more friendly:)

Projector Blubs for Sale

I know how hard it can be to get bulbs so I ran across this bag at a thrift store and purchased the lot. I will adapt them to use as studio lights for my painting. They should prove to be excellent. You can purchase any of them for $10 each including shipping. If they do not work then return them for a full refund. Call 513-236-1704, Tom Lohre, shipping from 45220


DKM 250 W 21,5 V avg 25hrs

5-CWA, 750 watts-120V, 25hrs

2-CTT-DAX, 1000watts, 120v, 25hrs

CXK, 300 watts, 120V, 25hrs


CWA, 115-125V, 750W

2-CAR., 120v, 150W

4-DLN, 120V, 750 watts

BSW, 7V, .20amps

2-DEJ, 115-120V, 750 watts

DMX, 115-120V, 500watts

2-DFW, 120V, 500 watts

DRS, 120V, 1000watts


Halogen type: JPD120V-600WD/UA FCB


DRS, 120v, 1000W

DAY/DAK/W, 500W, 120V




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