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Creating Artificial Intelligence

With no prior exposure to any kind of vision processing and in only two hours, one graduate student configured two IEEE 1394 cameras and wrote a VI that identified and physically located the relative position of the orange soccer ball used in RoboCup. Other universities around the world accomplishing the same task spend years with many students working on the code, but with our development efficiency, one student spent one week to create DARwIn’s soccer playing behavior control that qualified DARwIn as the first and only U.S. humanoid robot for RoboCup.

For more information, contact:

Karl Muecke

Virginia Tech

Room 6, Randolph Hall

Blacksburg, VA 24060

Tel: (540) 231-2396

E-mail: kmuecke@vt.edu

Geraldine's Band, recorded at the Gyspy Hut, Cincinnati Ohio USA, June 20th, 2007

Rhea Mistades
The Poets of Lohre
(For Bill and Tom Lohre)

two brothers
hearts big as sky
kneeling by booksides
palming their frowns
reading notes handed
down from above, set to ink
set to song, set to timbres
sonorous and deep
nonsensical and sweet
and roughly upbeat -
"to sink the second emperor
you gotta rise above the first" -
a girl watched them
hidden from view
she said to me, People will surprise you.
See a poet in the man,
a boy in the child?
her new-found playmates
with heartstrings of gold
plucked by angels one June afternoon.
God smiles at her:
"Yes, child, there are others
who love like breathing
and play with magic eyes deep
to touch others' souls"
they signed on for the journey,
kindred spirits on the path
the others don't understand
but it's alright
they don't have to.
come, bring smiles all around
and gentle healing voices,
strive to make something new
of broken things
and Trust - Trust.
eventually, we'll all get there.

Written during a rehearsal session of The Red Stanleys.
07.19.2003, 2003


Robert Coddington


selling paintings and other artworks

8 Pochtovaya St.
Lugansk 91055,
Tel.: + 38 (0642) 52 30 32
Fax: + 38 (0642) 52 22 40

Charlie Einhorn, Art guy Lists Art Doings In Ohio  


Tom Meier is a legend in the hobby. He has been a professional miniatures sculptor for over 30 years, starting with Ral Partha and now with his own line of miniatures proudly presented by Thunderbolt Mountain

This is Ben Britton


Associate Professor of Fine Arts, University of Cincinnati
Telephone: (513) 556-4045
Fax: (513) 556-2887



The Virtual Reality Of Benjamin Britton

Benjamin Britton is an artist who exhibits interactive artforms. His new media journey has taken him from rooms controlled by touch screens and joy sticks to rooms controlled by the intimate headmounted displays made for virtual reality interaction.

Virtual reality comes in many sizes and flavors. The VR Cave at Lascaux installation takes advantage of an "immersive" display system. That is to say, two small monitors, motion sensors, and headphones, that are strapped onto the head for the "immersive" experience in the computer program. The motion sensors send movement commands to the computer controlled installation. The virtual reality computer then translates the motion of the head, looking up or down, turning left and right, into real time computer animation movement that mimics the direction that the headmounted sensors have turned.

What is remarkable about Ben's VR cave is the very high quality, 16 million color, full motion renderings. There are thousands of paintings in the VR cave and the detail is there to see them. Most VR games, non-dedicated desktop vr, and VRML are conceptually exciting but grainy to watch. The crispness of the playback from the Lascaux playback system occurs because it takes advantage of the latest in high quantity, high speed texture memory with dual pentium technology and high resolution image maps.

Virtual reality has been surrounded by as much hype as the Internet; and, with just cause. Touted as a powerful learning tool and applied in simulators by everyone from the military to the medical profession, VR does engage all of the senses in a replication of real life experiences. Because of the powerful quality of this full "immersion" VR has been labeled everything from religion to drugs, from panacea to pornography. What Timothy Leary celebrated as LSD's ability to break down barriers within the mind, VR does without the chemical side effects.

LASCAUX is a richly rewarding experience and has provided Ben a visit to the cave of Lascaux , a once in a lifetime opportunity. "LASCAUX (vr) is an artwork not a commercial project," said Ben Britton. "The French Ministry was interested in my art because it respects the cave at Lascaux. They do not want to see the cave lose its spirit and message through commercialization. They consider that the cave contains a rare cultural treasure."

And what is that treasure? "I reconfirmed my interest in paleolithic sanctuaries (of which the cave at Lascaux is one) about 5 years ago while I was working on an environmental documentary. I had been researching the Ice Age and came across information about the cave. The idea of recreating the cave became more and more engaging to me, and I have been working on it ever since. I suppose that the cave has become a spiritual phenomenon for me. In a time when the media would have us believe that life is hopelessly doomed, that things are getting worse, the cave stands as a message that says: humankind will survive and prosper."

The Lascaux project recently had its world premiere at the InfoART Festival in Quang Ju, Korea, sponsored by Nam June Paik & the Korean government and co-curated by Cynthia Goodman and Kim Hong-hee. Ben's Artist Statement in the catalog is as follows:

"Humanity is terrified of the future, holds civilization in contempt, and is alienated from the natural world. We must realize the relationship of our society today with human society of the most ancient past and most distant future. To be a human being is to be trapped in the river of time with countless other living forms with whom one can communicate; and, finding that the beauty of this inescapable fact is essential for making life on this plane worthwhile. To connect our culture to the cultures of all time is the purpose of LASCAUX: to take part in the virtually endless tradition of life."

Currently, Ben has a dream that would complete his tour and production for the VR cave. "LASCAUX needs a permanent home. I will continue to demonstrate the project in hope of generating enough support to find a permanent installation. Hopefully, somewhere in France," said Ben.

While the real cave exists, it is now closed to the public. The thousands of paintings are sealed behind a vault-like door made (in the style of the Myceneaean period) during the 20th century. Unfortunately the natural traffic of visitors after its rediscovery in 1946 brought bacteria and moisture into the cave. It was determined by the conservators that closing the cave to the public was the only responsible course of action to prevent the inevitable deterioration of the paintings.


Bob's Bikes (Folder) by Robert Egge


Sam Ward, New York City artist and good friend of Tom's



Mac's Farm & Sculpture Garden
10538 Plainfield Rd
Cincinnati OH 45241

Cincinnati Fringe Festival

719 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, 513-319-9358


Sitwells Coffe Shop, finest in Clifton


The Artery, Newport Art Center

913 Monmounth St, Newport, KY 41071, 859-431-8151

Laura Hollis, director, lahhollis@earthlnk.net

Brian Joiner, 513-821-6119



Good friend of Tom's, Prolific painter.

Dale Damyell McGrinn


Dale McGrinn has created masterful works of art for numerous patrons around the globe. His talent seems to have no bounds. Whether from your imagination or His. May the painting you receive  bring awe" and admiration for generations to come.

Dale was an assistant to R_ when I was working for him. It's great to see him up on the web.

Nicholas Gavrila

195 Chrystie Street

New York City 1000


Young Artist friend of Tom's

Lisa & Eric Gruber, Peace Corps Volunteers


Albert Crudo, New York City artist



Jack McCann, consummate New Orleans Artist


Dick Richards and David Goldman of FunTone.com Records

John Sex with Girls

The works of American contemporary painter Jonathan Janson openly evoke those of the seventeenth-century Dutch master Johannes Vermeer.

Carin Hebenstreit, classical art teacher at the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Jan Brown Checco, classical artist in Cincinnati, Ohio  

Born in 1952, Jan studied fine arts and design at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Her reflective, challenging body of work grows out of an illustrative representational experience and subjects are frequently figurative and narrative.
A four-year residency in Paris, France, and one month of intensive study in Florence, Italy, have had important impact on her artistic development. She is fluent in drawing mediums, watercolor, acrylics, oils, egg tempera and fresco. Jan is deeply committed to the promotion of Cincinnati's visual arts scene. An arts advocacy speaker, writer, and organizer, Jan has helped to develop art festivals, public art projects, group exhibitions, and art education programs.


Leon Engelen with painting (14501 bytes)

"It is very important to
 know that color changes
 according to the ground
 on which it is painted. I
 always paint a dark red
 coat under everything that
 must be green like trees
 and meadows. I paint the
 ground of bricks and tiles
 dark green and the ground
 of skies warm yellow-
 orange. This is the negati-
 ve of the finished painting."
                     Leon Engelen

Leon Engelen, classical painter with art lessons on the net from England

Self Portrait '89

In June 1995, Bill Petrie had just returned from one of his frequent trips to Greece and was working to finish his new art studio building on his farm in Kentucky. On the morning of June 23, a ladder slipped from beneath him and he fell to the concrete floor seriously injuring both knees. Neighbors drove him to the nearest town, where the local doctor gave him a box of sample medication thought to be an anti-inflammatory. The medicine the doctor handed to Bill that Friday morning was actually a drug called Glynaise, a medicine to lower blood sugar in diabetics. On Sunday morning, Bill was found in his bed in a hypoglycemic coma and flown to the University of Kentucky Medical Center. He died two weeks later, July 9, 1995.

Bill Petri was a close friend of Tom's and a regional artist of note. He died suddenly.

the destination...

http://www.monkmusic.com, Rich Hordinski, musician extraordinaire

Self portrait 2001.

Fabienne's Gallery

Of all the painting I do, portraits are my favorite. Frequently, when I am in the middle of a series of landscapes, I will break and do a portrait because I "need" to.

A good portrait carries with it something that was interesting enough to have another human being lavish hours of loving toil to commemorate the sitter. Portraiture is very different from photography, if for no other reason than the high possibility of failure inherent in the doing.

As much as I love portraits, I will not do commissions. Only faces that I choose to paint. If I didn't have ultimate control of how the sitter looked, I could not paint their likeness.

Visual History Gallery; Cincinnati, Ohio owned by a friend.

Artists Association of Nantucket Where Tom was a member.

Loveland Ohio Cultural Center nearby Cincinnati, Ohio  

Schickel, a famous religious artist jschickel@fuse.net pizazzstudios@aol.com

Ohio Arts Council http://www.ohioonlinearts.org/searchframe.html

Scroll down and click "Search Registry," click "click here to begin," click " Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry," Enter "Lohre" in the search box and click "Search."  

Holy Robot  

Yahoo Artists Listings; of which I have a listing  



CityBeat Cincinnati's Regional Cincinnati Tabloid, a great supporter of the arts

Greenwich Village, New York City, where Tom lived for twenty years!

Nantucket Island, my favorite island where I painted 350 paintings in four seasons.

Steve Ramos' article about the Trixie Delight's Murals in Newport, Kentucky  

Cindy Schroeder of the Kentucky Enquirer has a photo and caption of Tom working on the Trixie Murals  

Tom was the major illustrator of the Greenwich Village Guide Book by John Gilman and Bob Heide, longtime friends of Tom's  

Tom is working with the Baker-Hunt Foundation and had this listing in the Kentucky Explorer  

KwMap.com - browse the Keyword Map of Tomlohre.com


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