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Patrick Family

30 x 40, oil on canvas, 1992

Tom lived with his patron in Greenville South Carolina for one year. While there he painted many works for his patron. This portrait is of the children of one of his patrons law partners. This painting took the regular direction of painting such a portrait.

There were three boys in the family and Tom would visit the home frequently and shoot a roll of film. Slowly the composition came about as he gathered photos and shared them with the family. Tom takes his time while he gets to know the children. The middle one shown here became very close to Tom as he was of the age to spend the most time with the artist as he worked. Once individual images of the boys were okayed by the parents Tom started painting. Once the face was still wet Tom would have the child sit for him so he could put in the fine details and essence of life that is important for a good portrait. The portrait has each of the boys in white pants and shirts. The background was their backyard. To get the three boys into a 30 x 40 canvas Tom placed them in a diagonal composition with the oldest one in the top left and the youngest one in the bottom right. You can see pieces of the other two brothers in this detail of the portrait. Tom entertained the middle son while painting the the background by placing little bugs and other very small details into the painting.



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