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Portraits in the manner of William Adolphe Bouguereau, French, 1825-1905

Landscapes in the manner of Jan Van Der Heyden, Dutch, 1637-1712

Paintings in the manner of

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Guide Book of Greenwich Village NYC

with 29 paintings by Tom Lohre $10, $3 shipping & handling.

Hand Printed Ball Caps, adjustable, black hat, $5 plus $3 shipping and handling

Done as a novel way to hand print images. Tom learned to silk screen in high school, producing dance and theatre posters. In college he worked for a local screen printing company, Kinduell Screen Printing, and was given artistic privileges to use their equipment to print limited edition prints.

These caps were made my separating the front image and outputting the three colors to be printed onto clear acetate from a laser printer. The plates were used to print on the blank hat fronts and later they were assembled at the hat factory

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South Street Seaport's web page

Click here to see Covington Landing the painting

Click here to see French Still Life the painting

10 Cards with envelopes, $10 plus $3 shipping and handling

Each card is blank white inside with the story of the painting on the back. The front and back are glossy. Henry Williams and Thomas More cards are available.  


Watercolor on paper, August 19th, 1998, 5”x7”  

The Story of Henry Williams, 10 Cards with envelopes, $10 plus $3 shipping and handling 

This watercolor depicts Henry when he was about age 72. His parents were former slaves and farmed along the Mississippi River. Henry decided to spend his life on the Ohio River. He was about twenty when he started working for Captain John Beatty, legendary river man. Henry worked as a crane operator, pilot, diver, welder and engineer raising salvage off the bottom of the inland waterways. His brother William, was also a river man, William was a victim on the steamboat Island Queen’s explosion in Pittsburgh on September 9th, 1947. Henry went with Captain Beatty to salvage the Island Queen. He recalled scrambling for dines that fell out of the slot machines while raising the steamboat. Henry spent the latter part of his life living in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Semi-retired, Henry worked as the dock master for the floating converted stern-wheeler restaurant Mike Fink’s, built by Captain Beatty. Everybody had a nickname on the river, Henry’s was “Greenboy.”  

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St. Thomas More,(1478 - 1535),10 Cards with envelopes, $10 plus $3 shipping and handling “A man for all seasons” 

Thomas More was a humanist with a true love for learning. Known as a leader, he recognized that leadership is a gift from God for the common good of mankind and the duty of that gift was a life of service to all. A devoted family man, he was also a brilliant intellectual patron of the arts, statesman, scholar, philosopher, and author whose writings have enriched our culture and literature.  

Educated at Oxford, he practiced law and entered the service of King Henry VIII as royal counselor, ambassador, and Lord Chancellor. He was a man of conscience with a strong faith in God and an intense concern for the problems of his day. He was executed because he refused to compromise his deeply held principles and values.  

As a person of wide and varied interests who exhibited high standards of honor, Thomas More is an inspiration to students who seek to develop through their education the knowledge and values upon which they will base their lives, their careers, and service to others. Thomas More was truly “a man for all seasons.”  

Oil on canvas, 1999, 30” x 40”

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Complete Works, Portraits, Landscapes, Still Lifes, Sculpture, Lego Robot Artist...


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