Trapping Deer in a Residential Neigborhood

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Trapping deer in a residential neighborhood for food.

080202 From Cornell University concering deer trapping

Yes, trapping has happened in some states with wildlife agency permits. The venison is usually processed and donated to charity. This has not happened in NYS because there is an "old" Conservation Law that states it is illegal to trap deer. However, under special permits "bait and shoot"
programs have been used to lower deer populations, with the meat going to food banks.
We use drop nets, rocket nets, Clover traps (walk-in cages), and dart rifles for capturing deer for research. This requires a special license from the state wildlife agency. I hope this info is helpful.

Various Links O H I O 2002 - 2003 Hunting & Trapping Regulations Cincinnati Deer Season Zone B, December 2 to 8, 2002
Hunter Sets Free First Catch SONOBE (KJV) On December 22, Dick Nigh, Kyoto's first great white hunter, trapped his first deer. And he let it go. In early December, a local farmer showed Nigh a well-traveled deer trail near the next village, and after a few days, Nigh was rewarded with his first catch, a large doe. Year to year, the legality of catching does changes, and Nigh had learned from three knowledgeable sources that does were not in season this year. "It's pretty hard to let a deer go," he said. "The trap catches the deer around the leg with a wire loop. It doesn't damage the animal, but it doesn't let go. Once the trap is on, it can be very hard to take it off. I took equipment to kill the deer with me in case I needed to, but I thought I'd at least try to let it go. If I couldn't then I'd kill it." According to Nigh, it is much more exciting to let the deer go than to kill it. The trap has a long cable with one end tied to a tree. The other end has a wire loop to catch the animal's leg. After it is trapped, the animal runs back and forth in an area within a radius of between 3 and 4 meters. "The deer was running back and forth. I'd never done this before, so I had no idea what it would do when I got close, but I'd heard that does are generally rather docile. I grabbed the trap at its base and then worked my way up until I could grab the deer's leg. After I had the leg, the deer sometimes pulled and sometimes lay down in front of me. The trap was on so tight that it took several minutes to loosen it. For awhile, the deer had it's nose very close to my hand. I thought it was going to bite me." Once the trap had been loosened and the loop slipped off the deer's leg, the deer still didn't know it was free. It stood and stared at Nigh for about a minute, then walked off. But only as far as it thought it could go. When it got to a spot where it thought it could go no further, it turned around and came back to Nigh who motioned it to go away and said, "Go on. Go on. Get out of here. Beat ."
Finally the deer walked slowly off and at a certain point realized it was free. It looked back at Nigh once and then walked slowly up into the mountain.
That afternoon, Nigh learned that even knowledgeable sources make mistakes. It is actually legal to catch does this season.

Deer Trapping A portable drop net has been found to be an effective way to capture Key deer. Bait is used to lure Key deer under the net prior to release. The net measures approximately 16'x16'. Over 200 Key deer have been safely captured using a drop net.

I'll need a MINI PAVILION tent to use as a blind to drop the net on the deer. I really want it for a portable studio to paint in relative comfort. I'll have to figure out how to have a big enough window and light in at the top. Maybe I'll have to stitch it myself. Tent smiths, Box 1748 Conway, NH 03818, Phone: (603) 447- 2344 Fax: (603) 447-1777 has the best selection for period tents.

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