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George Chandis

5' x 5', oil on canvas, April 2nd, 1981

Panted from life in Atlanta. Tom lived with George for several months while he completed the work. The rugs and painting were dear objects of George. The painting is a Maurice Clifford's. Out the window you can see the view from Moore's Mill road looking towards Atlanta. Tom was introduced while George was visiting New York City and he commissioned his portrait. Just before arriving Tom had spend several weeks in Titusville, Florida painting the first space shuttle launch. George died suddenly of a heart attach at the age of 45. The portrait went to his father who dearly loved the portrait. The portrait being life size made it seem as though his son had not left him. After many years his father was checked into a nursing home and Tom worked with his close friend to have the painting shipped back to him. George was a art dealer in Atlanta and Tom had a one man show there in his gallery Nassau Visions in June of 1982.



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