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Dear Brian,   

I hope this gets to you. I look forward to seeing you about the painting. It will be a job I will work very hard at. When is Mother’s Day anyway? Middle of May, I believe. It will take most of all that time to paint it. I suppose we could wait till a month before the deadline but then I would be working everyday on it.  


Dear Brian,  

Great to hear from you. We will be gone next week coming home on Feb 20th. I look forward to hearing from you the week of the 20th. Tom  

2/10/00 -0500, you wrote:  

Tom, yes I did get your e-mail. I am also looking forward to having to do this. With tax time coming up I am just making sure I can do this financially, and I think I can swing it. All I need to do is come up with enough good photos  without my wife missing them. If everything works out I will have everything early next week. Mother’s day is May 14.  

Thanks, Brian.  

Dear Brian,  

I got the photos back today and visited JoJo   Jim. We are off to a good start. I liked one of the photos taken at your home and I am sure to get another from the pictures today. I will make up a web page so you can see them.  

I hope Sarah did not find out. I look forward to coming over this coming Monday and this time I think I will use a bounce flash. The smell will not be there.  


Tom, I am happy things are going well I am getting more and more excited about this painting. Sarah has not suspected anything so I think we are ok there. I think the smell was gone from the lights but a bounce flash would be easier and  Give you more time with Cameron, however you want to do it is fine with me. A  Web page sounds like a great idea.  

Thanks, Brian   

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Taken at the babysitters. I think it somewhat duplicates the smile below taken two days before.  This may be a wonderful composition. The face has just the right amount of turn to make it appealing. The smile also seems genuine.  This is the face that Brian and I decided on for the facial expression. 

wpe26.jpg (22534 bytes)

This photo shows a very good composition and the one above it has a very similar expression. I look forward to seeing you Monday night March 6th for another session of pictures. I will bring all the pictures.  

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March 14th, the sketch on the canvas was approved. Now the painting will begin. The sketch was assembled from the hundred or so photos that were taken at five or six sessions. The photo that we will be using for the face is above. I picked up the clothes and will begin by paint them so as to get the back home by the time the Davis’s come back from their Florida vacation. After the clothes I will probably paint the hands and then the face. I will be using the French painter Bouguereau for guidance. I have already prepared the canvas in his manner of extremely smooth without a surface. The color is laid on all at once meaning that there are no glazes. I have stretched this canvas on plywood finished on one side so the canvas will have no opportunity to get poked or bent, two things that cause significant damage to canvas prepared in the very smooth manner of Bouguereau.  

wpe27.jpg (17591 bytes)

24” x 30” oil portrait on canvas with a handsome substantial 5 ” wide simulated gold leaf frame in the French manner with holes, centers and corners.  

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