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April 2015

First Week

Painting a portrait of Jesus, 8" x10", Oil pastels melted on shiny duct metal, using Face Reading and nine colors. The nine color palette invented for a Lego Mindstorm Invention System machine that painted by melting oil pastels on hot metal.

Face reading or physiognomy is a very fascinating technique where you interpret a person’s personality traits, fate (past, present, future), as well as health condition – just by studying the face! You can do facial readings on yourself, your lover, family members, friends, co-workers etc. and discover things that may surprise you!
Face reading or physiognomy, is an ancient art of analyzing a person’s character based on their facial features. Every facial feature – such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. – has a psychological meaning. You see, facial features and personality traits – such as gifts, and talents – go hand in hand. Face reading is more than just learning about a person’s characteristics. It can also give you a general idea about your fate: past, present, and future. It is possible to actually see how a person’s life will turn out – starting from their childhood until their transition – just by reading the face! You can also do a face reading to reveal the state of your health. The Taoist monk healers used to read faces in their diagnostic practices. They discovered that since the skin is very thin and delicate on the face, the first signs of any health problems will be revealed in that specific area of the body. Today, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are still practicing face reading to detect illnesses in a patient.


Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fuller, J.D.

Face Reading by Chi An Kuei

The Face Reader by Patrician McCarthy

This portrait attempts to reveal what Christ looked like by featuring the personality of Christ in facial features.

From the Bible:

John 5:13 “Now the man who had been healed did not know who it was, for Jesus had withdrawn, as there was a crowd in the place.”
Luke 4:30 “but he slipped away through the crowd and left them.”
John 7:11 “The Jews were looking for him at the feast, and saying, “Where is he?”
John 11:56 “They were looking for Jesus and saying to one another as they stood in the temple, “What do you think? That he will not come to the feast at all?”

Isaiah described Him in 53: 2b “he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.”

John describes Jesus and when he saw Him he fell down on his face as a dead man as we read in Revelation 1:13-18:
“in the midst of the lampstands one like a son of man, clothed with a long robe and with a golden sash around his chest. The hairs of his head were white, like white wool, like snow. His eyes were like a flame of fire, his feet were like burnished bronze, refined in a furnace, and his voice was like the roar of many waters. In his right hand he held seven stars, from his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword, and his face was like the sun shining in full strength. When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, “Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one. I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades. When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead. But he laid his right hand on me, saying, “Fear not, I am the first and the last, and the living one. I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.”

The earliest apparent representations of Jesus are in the Roman catacombs. The art is stereotypical as are other portraits of this period. In these portraits Jesus is portrayed beardless, as the Good Shepherd. By the fourth century, however, he has grown a beard and begins to look more familiar.

Jesus from the ancient Chinese study of face reading impressionist oil painting by Tom Lohre.

Jesus, derived from the ancient Chinese study of face reading, 12" x 16", Oil pastel on metal

Face Shape

Create a face
Amazing Face Reading, Mac Fuller, J.D.
Face Reading, Chi An Kuei
The Face Reader, Patrician McCarthy

The features with the "Y" are the ones I feel Jesus would have.

Face Shape
Y Broad (wide, square face) Self-confident, Great strength and power
N Narrow (thin or long face) Feels fear, Works best independently
N Diamond (wide at cheeks, narrow at chin) Impatient, Quick mind
N Pear-shaped (broadest under chin) Peacemaker but not a pushover
N Flat (no features protrude) Honest about feelings, Polite and unassuming

Head Types
Y Mental type (thin face, large forehead, small jaw/chin) Intellectual, internal focus
N Physical type (large square face, big jaws and chin) Doer, Needs space and freedom
N Emotional type (round face and chin, full cheeks) People person, Likes good food, Enjoys group activities

Combination Face Types
Y Mental/physical (broad forehead, square chin) Mechanical ability, Plans projects, Active doer
N Mental/emotional (high, broad forehead, round chin) Capable director, Good manager, Reserved about self
N Physical/emotional (square face, round chin) Energetic personality, Loves people and comfort, Good sense of direction

Facial Dominance
N Large upper area (from original hairline to eyebrows – not a receding hairline) Focuses on ideas and information, Loves distinctions
Y Large middle area (from eyebrows to nose tip) Ambitious, Appreciates quality
N Large lower area (nose tip to bottom of chin) Wants practical applications of ideas, Well-grounded
N Small upper area (forehead is the smallest area) Persistent, Determined
N Small middle area (nose area is smallest) Hard-worker, Well-respected
N Small lower area (chin area is smallest) Sensitive, Not physically grounded

Profile Types
N Convex (forehead angles back, nose most forward) Quick mind, Impulsive and impatient, Directs others
Y Extreme convex (prominent nose, extreme angle to forehead and chin) Observant and energetic, Fluent speech, Quick in action
Y Moderately convex (mild angle to forehead and chin) Tangible results, More self-restraint, Gets cooperation from other
N Concave (full forehead, protruding chin) Creative problem solving, Moderate energy level
N Extreme concave (dish-shaped profile) Mild-mannered, Dreamer, Procrastinaties
N Balanced (neither convex nor concave profile) Balanced thought, Careful in speech, Versatile

Profile Combinations
Y Convex/concave (forehead slants back, chin protrudes) Mentally quick, patient in action, Thinks before speaking
N Concave/convex (forehead full, chin recedes) Emotional approach to work, May act without thinking

N Round and full (forehead protrudes forward)
N Backward angle (forehead slopes back)
N Straight (forehead is straight up)
N Self-will pad (fleshy bump between eyebrows)
N Brow ridge (a bony ridge above eyes) Embraces rules and regulations, Prefers certainty and know systems
N No brow ridge (no bony ridge above the eyes) Flexible adaptable, Spontaneous approach, Open to new ideas

Y Curved (smooth curve) People-oriented, Connect and relates on a personal level, Learns by example
N Straight (no curve or angle) Logical approach, Needs facts
N Angled (definite up and down) Needs to be mentally in control, Wants to be right, Evaluates carefully
N High (wide space between eye and eyebrow) Selective and discriminating, Wait-and-see approach, Applies things to mental framework
N Low (no space between eye and eyebrow) Mentally quick, Do it now, Interrupts others to express self
Y Bushy (thick, full eyebrow hairs) Non-stop thinker
N Thin (like a pencil line) Single-minded, Overly concerned with the opinions of others
N Winged (thick at beginning, thinning at ends) Visionary, Sees big picture, Dislikes details
N Even (same thickness throughout length) Even flow of thoughts, Sees complete picture, Attention to details
Y Managerial (thin at beginning, thick at outer edges) Mentally organized, Good with follow-through
N Continuous (both eyebrows connected) Mind never stops, Difficulty relaxing
Y Tangled (eyebrow hairs tangled) Unconventional thinker, Attracts conflict, See all sides in any issue
N Access hairs (hairs growing straight up at beginning) Inner/outer connection, Can anticipate potential problems
N Scattered hairs (single hairs at outsides of eyebrows) Curious mind, Broad focus, Many interests
Y Chameleon (nearly invisible eyebrows) Thinking style not obvious, Blends into groups easily

Y Widely spaced (more than one eye's width apart) Far-sighted, Hates details, Imaginative
N Closely spaced (less than one eye's width apart) Good with details, Extremely focused
N Angles up (outer corner higher than inner corner) Optimist, Inspired imagination
N Angles down (outer corner lower than inner comer) Expects problems good at anticipating them, Compassionate, Admits mistakes
Y No angle (inner and outer corners on a level line) Pragmatic and objective, Balanced view, Resilient under stress
N Bulging (eyes appear to bulge out of sockets) Loves to be included, Hates to be interrupted
N Recessed (eyes are deep in sockets) Reflective and reserved, Cautious, Observant
N Large full iris (seems to fill the eye) Visual and experiential, Responds emotionally
N Small iris (small in relation to the eyeball) Allergic to shouting, Needs physical reassurance
Y Prescient points (BB-size indents at inside corner of eyes) Intuitive, May anticipate events
N Stressed (white showing below iris) Mental stress
N Violent (white showing above iris) Stressed to the point of violence
N Disconnected (white showing all around iris) Mental disconnect, State of shock

N Abundant lids (most of upper lid is visible) Strong need for intimacy, Bonds with partner
Y Thin lids (some of upper lid is showing) Balanced intimacy requirements, Can act independently
N No lids (no upper lid showing) Extreme focus, Needs personal space
N Straight (bottom lids straight) Guarded, Extremely loyal to friends, Screens out information
N Curved (bottom lids are curved) Open and receptive, Non-judgmental, Willing to listen
N Round (bottom lids are very round)

Eye puff
N Moderate (skin above eye has extra folds) Impatient, Overly sensitive, Critical, Denying self-joy
N Intense (skin above eye hangs down over eye) Ill-natured, Defensive selfish, Denial

N Cutting pupils (top lids cut pupils in half) Internal agenda, Very different world view

Y Thick lashes (long and full) Tolerant, Gentle disposition
N Thin lashes (short and thin) Extremely sensitive

Y Large (in proportion to whole face) Needs to be in position of authority, Wants to have major inpact
N Long (from between eyes to nose tip) Needs to control work environment
N Short (in proportion to whole face) Gets the job done, Hard worker
N Long and straight (when viewed in profile) Logical work style, Long-range planner
N Concave ("ski slope" in profile) Works from feelings, Needs some acknowledgement for efforts
N Arched (curves out viewed in profile) Creative problem solver, Mentally aggressive and practical, Likes to direct others
N Bump on bridge (nose widens below bridge) Feisty when cornered
N No ridge (no pronounced bridge) Team worker
N High ridge (pronounced bridge) Works best alone
N High, wide ridge (straight from forehead with no indent) Iron will
N Wide (wide at base) Supports loved ones, Willing to share
N Thin (nose appears to be pinched) Independent, Received little support from others
N Crease (on flange) Difficulty in receiving
N Groove (deeper line on flange) Extreme independence

Nose Tip
N Turns up (angles up in profile) Spontaneous
N Turns up/pointed end (angles up with pointed tip) Curious, Spends freely
N No angle (horizontal in profile) Solid and dependable, Not gullible
N Turns down (angles down in profile) Suspicious and skeptical, Calculating, Must be shown
N Turns down and pointed (down turned with sharp tip) Ruthless, Selfish
N Big bulb (bulb on end of nose) Financial security is important, Collector
N Small ball (at tip of nose) Artistic sensibilities, Appreciates beauty
N Skinny tip (thin or pinched tip) Free spender
Y Groove (groove or dimple in tip) Difficulty finding niche in life, Job needs to be emotionally satisfying
N Heart-shaped (flaccid tip hangs down Hard to be generous

N Very small, Thrifty and conservative, Fear of scarcity
Y Very large, Creative, Generous to a fault
N Long, narrow, Emotionally generous
N Huge, flared; Intense energy, Extravagant, Self-confident
N Round; Generous, Shares with others
N Rectangular; Conventional, conservative spender
N Small, triangular; Fear of not having enough
N Low septum (divider between nostrils) Analytical

Y Large (in proportion to head) Kind and receptive and generous
Y Small (in proportion to head) Trusts in self, Learns best when it can be seen
N Prominent outer cups (outside rim of cartilage) Focused on outer world, Logical and practical
Y Prominent inner cups (inner ring of raised cartilage) Focused on inner world, Intuitive
N Clear separation between inner ridge and outer cup; Good balance between personal life and business life
N No clear definition between ridge and cup; Egotistical, Not practical
N Parallel angle (vertical) Operates from established norm
Y Pronounced angle (slants backwards) Unique outlook
Y Stick out (away from head) Non-conformist
N Close to head (almost touch head) Conformist
Y Diplomat (tops close to head, bottoms stick out) Diplomatic
Y High tops (tops are as high as or higher than eyes) Gathers information rapidly, Approach is “do it now”
N Low bottoms (ear lobes are as low as or lower than bottom of nose) Gathers information carefully, Approach is “do it right”

Ear/Eyebrow Combinations
N High ears/high eyebrows; Sensory overload, Needs time to process
Y High ears/low eyebrows; Instantaneous input and output, Intimidating
N Low ears/high eyebrows; Patient careful approach, Logical long-range planner
N Low ears/low eyebrows; Internal stress, Wants it now and wants it perfect

N Protruding (movie star) Power symbols, Gets attention, Others may be jealous
N Full (rounded with no bones showing) Gets broad support, Excellent organizer
N Narrow (close together) Intense bursts of energy, Hates working with slow people
Y Wide (set far apart) Endurance and stamina, Great personal power
N Sunken (drawn and flaccid) Need to conserve physical energy
Y Healer (broadest at sides, beside eyes) Natural healer, Uplifting presence

Y Large (in proportion to face) Extrovert, Confident, Expressive
N Small (in proportion to face) Introvert, Reserved, Cautious
N Turns up (corners higher than middle) Optimist
N Straight (forms straight line) Objective, Reflective listener
N Turns down (corners lower than middle) Mistrusts what you are told, Prepared to hear the worst

N Full (both lips large and full) Emotionally expressive, Sense of humor
Y Full lower (bottom much larger than upper) Can be persuasive, Focused on outcome
N Full upper (upper much larger than lower) Outspoken, Expresses feelings verbally, Perceptive
N Thin (may appear as a thin line) Cool reserved, Mistrusts flattery
Y Cupid's bow (upper looks like a cupid's bow) Get what you go after

Y Even (all same length) Logical approach, Self-confidence
Y Gap (space between two front teeth) Takes risks, Makes intuitive decisions in the moment
N Big front teeth (hang down longer than other teeth) Stubborn
N Crooked (especially bottom teeth) Sees both sides, Holds self to impossible standards
Y Buck teeth (front teeth protrude) Had to overcome childhood shyness

Y Natural (lips relaxed, teeth show, but no gums) Comfortable with your sensuality
N Gums show (in a full smile) Generous giver, Questions own lovability
N Stretched tight (upper Up tight across teeth) False sincerity, Hidden agenda
N Lips together (pursed lips or “kissy” smile) Wants space
N Crooked (one side higher than the other) Performance smile

Y Big (stick out when seen from behind) Committed to ideals, Loyal, Desires to dominate
N Narrow (face is thin at jaws) Not aggressive
N Jowls (pads of flesh hang from jaw line) Commands respect, Symbols of authority
N Ripples (pumping jaw muscle) Repressed anger

Y Strong and well-defined (large chin) Assertive and competitive, Great perseverance
N Sticks out (chin protrudes) Formidable adversary, Not easily intimidated
Y Broad chin; Great physical endurance
N Very broad (very wide) Incredible resilience, Physically demonstrative
Y Long (from mouth to bottom of chin) Well grounded, Innate physical power
N Small (delicate chin) Sensitive to criticism, Non- competitive
N Receding (mouth protrudes more than chin) Avoids conflict, High ethical standards
N Round; Compassionate, Concern for people
Y Straight; Motivated by causes and ideas, Idealistic
N Pointed; Focuses on ideas, Needs to stay in control, Resists orders
Y Very pointed (especially if long and protruding) Can be domineering, Puts goals first

Dimples and Clefts
N (dimple in chin) Playful, Good sport
Y Adaptability cleft (cleft in chin) Adventurous, Extremely adaptable
Y Destiny (dimple in tip of nose) May feel stuck in a job, May have challenge with money
N Romantic dimple (dimple in one or both cheeks) Romantic playfulness

Y Mental development lines (horizontal lines on forehead) Developed mental abilities
Y Mental pressure lines (diagonal lines on forehead) Mental concentration
Y Freight train line (single deep line between eyebrows) Self-discipline, Lets nothing stand in the way
N Forced focus lines (two lines between eyebrows) Too hard on self, Focuses on being exact and right
N Perfectionist lines (many lines between eyebrows) Perfectionist, Wants everything in its place
Y Visionary lines (triangle between eyes) Inner wisdom
N Responsibility lines (many fine lines on bridge of nose) Very responsible
N Burn-out line (horizontal line on bridge of nose) Overly responsible
Y ”Big picture” lines (radiating from outside corners of eyes) Sees the bigger picture
Y Courage lines (diagonal lines across cheek bones) Badge of courage
N Humor lines (lines on the side of the nose) Mischievous, Impish glee
N Disappointment lines (nose to corner of mouth) Emotional disappointment
Y Compassion lines (corner of mouth to chin) Deep emotional pain and loss
N Forced smile line (horizontal line on upper lip) Hides negative feelings, Cut off from emotional support
Y Support lines (dimples that look like lines) Lifts up others, Gives encouragement
N Libido line (vertical ridges under nose) Divides world into male and female
N Survivor lines (vertical lines on upper lips) Has overcome adversity, A tested survivor
Y Gab lines (continuous line runs under chin and up cheeks) Natural talked, Communicates easily
N Desirability line (arch on chin) Need to know you are desirable
N Heart lines (vertical line on ear lobes) Heart problems, Too hard on yourself
Y Secrets lines (indents at the corner of mouth) Psychic trauma, Closed on some topics
N Obstinate chin (chin has a tense, bumpy appearance)

Facial Hair
N Sensitive, but hides it; Wants to appear very strong
Y Round beard; Sensitive, Concern for other people
Y Square beard; Focuses on ideas and ideals
Y Pointed beard; Goal-oriented, Dominating presence

Second Week

Portrait of Judy in the manner of Bouguereau by Tom Lohre.

First month

Portrait of Judy as the young woman in Bouguereau's "The Knitter"

Judy as woman in Bouguereau, 16" x 20", Traditional academic manner

Second month

Painting a copy of a Bouguereau with Judy as the young woman. Using an advanced medium of castor oil and beeswax. Castor oil by itself drips on the canvas if applied to thick. Addition of 2% beeswax keeps the powered pigment and castor oil from dripping. Looking for a paint surface that is like butter, easy to blend but still has enough film to just cover the white surface of the scrapped gesso canvas. Attemping to place cousin Judy as the young girl in the original painting. Judy already in her sixties posed in the manner of the painting and supplied a high school black and white. Using the principals of face reading turning the person in the painting into a young Judy.

Third Week

Still like in the manner of LaTour by Tom Lohre.

Painting a still life in the manner of Fantin Latour

Fourth Week

Painting of Evanswood Place Clifton Cincinnati Ohio in the manner of Maxfield Parrish by Tom Lohre.

Painting a tree in the manner of Maxfield Parrish


Thank you for the opportunity to teach and learn at the Cincinnati Women’s Club.

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